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Thread: An unfound? Thief the Dark Project Gold FAQ and Walkthrough

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    An unfound? Thief the Dark Project Gold FAQ and Walkthrough


    I found this,whilst trailing through webpages(looking for info on the early Settler games).

    Apologies if this has been posted before,i have poor search skills i'm afraid.And the reems of threads with "Thief the Dark Project Gold FAQ and Walkthrough" would have had me bleary eyed looking through them all.

    I hope someone enjoys it.



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    Wow - haven't seen this one before. I'm amazed the amount of time people used to spend crafting these FAQs. You don't see that today that kind of dedication in the age of youtube walkthroughs. Thanks for the share!

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    very nice walk-through thanks for shearing with us

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    Thank you for posting that. I need to spend a little time looking through it but a quick glance makes me think it's something that should be added to the Essential Reading sticky, or similar.

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    God that Web 1.0 design and color choices.

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    I've not seen this before either... but yeah, could do with a modern makeover. That page is not only hard on the eyes but is like we went back like 15 to 20 years in computing.

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    While going through some old folders on my hard drive I found a htm-file which includes an updated version of the walkthrough mentioned in the OP.

    "Thief: The Dark Project Gold (v1.37)

    FAQ v15.2 by Taffer (

    July 22, 2000"

    Anyone interested?

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