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Thread: There's a VR HEADSET on my FACE! :D

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    I wouldn't mind trying it out. I'm ok with smooth locomotion if I'm sitting down, but beyond that I'll get queasy.
    I'll have to put in options for seated play. Right now it would be broken (in a very interesting way) if you tried.

    The game is inspired by the classic Tomb Raider games with some other inspirations mixed in. It's mostly about traversing the levels with a bunch of different kinds of movement, mostly based on (hopefully) intuitive hand movements: running and jumping, climbing, swimming, and a bunch of other things that I won't spoil. The analog sticks are only needed for turning (for now) and moving sideways or backwards (until/unless I find intuitive ways to do those with hand movement). Hand grips are used to grab things but that isn't even always necessary. No other button presses are needed.

    The player's reach is important, so the game actually scales entirely to the player's height (if you're seated, it thinks you're very short and scales you up).

    For seated play (once I add that as a viable option), you would need to be able to move your arms freely, including at your sides.

    I was very happy that Half-Life: Alyx had hands that are always solid in the world, as I find that much more interesting than ghost hands that pass through everything. That's what my game has too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Thirith View Post
    I expect it'd need to be sideloaded, right? I'm afraid I haven't done that with my Quest yet.
    Yeah, that is correct. If you do decide to go in that direction eventually, I can definitely recommend Side Quest.

    I'm sure I can find other testers on the internet (it's a big place), but I will post here again after I work out a few more kinks and you can try it if you want. It might be a few weeks still.


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    Ooooh, does it use hand-swinging locomotion, like Unknightly? I'm fine with standing play if that's the case, I usually don't find that nauseating. Also, I really like the sound of this idea. I've been toying with the idea of a first-person Tomb Raider-alike that's mostly focused on traversal myself for years, so I'm excited to see what direction you're taking this in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    Ooooh, does it use hand-swinging locomotion, like Unknightly? I'm fine with standing play if that's the case, I usually don't find that nauseating. Also, I really like the sound of this idea. I've been toying with the idea of a first-person Tomb Raider-alike that's mostly focused on traversal myself for years, so I'm excited to see what direction you're taking this in.
    I haven't tried Unknightly yet, but yes, I do use hand-swinging. Long before I ever put that in the game (years ago at this point), I started down the hand-motion path by doing a similar thing for swimming.

    It probably helps that I have a lot of practice playing my own game (and I know what kind of hand motions it expects), but I still love how the movement feels every time I test it. I definitely need to get more people to try it. My girlfriend has tried a bit, but she does get queasy after a little while. She's still not used to any kind of artificial locomotion.

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    Almost done with Alien Isolation using the MotherVR mod, quite possibly the most intense VR experience I've yet to, well, experience. Getting pounced by the alien never gets old, nor does escaping into the menu the moment I know I'm toast - that hellish shriek, the sound of those feet on the metal floors... This is brilliant and horrible and the best and the worst ever. I can imagine that Resident Evil 7 is terrifying in VR, but this... this is Alien. It is familiar - I've seen the film so many times... - but it never loses its intensity due to familiarity.

    Having said that, though, while I don't mind the occasional jank that comes with the (unfinished) mod, I very much do mind that the game is considerably longer than it needs to be, and it very much shows towards the end. There are about as many false endings in this as there are in Return of the King! Several times you are asked to do things under circumstances that practically scream, "You're almost there! Just this one thing, and you've made it!" But then there's this other one thing and yet another one thing... Each individually is very effective, but it's tiring how the game piles one climactic sequence on top of another. And this coupled with VR being more intense, it leaves me exhausted. I'm ready for the game to be over...

    ... but I'm also ready to finally play the story DLCs that put me on the Nostromo with Dallas and Ash and Parker and all those doomed people (and murderous androids). Added to which, they're all about 30-45 minutes, which sounds like a perfect way to end my Alien Isolation VR experience.

    ... I think I may have to play No Man's Sky (VR) next, something gentle that doesn't insist on giving me near-heart attacks.

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    Cool - I've been hoping that this comes out on PC.

    Now we just need Resident Evil 7 VR, right? Right?

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    What are people's thoughts on Star Wars Squadrons? If it wasn't for VR, I'd probably not be particularly interested; I'd love a modern TIE Fighter, but I'm sure this will be more arcadey and more multiplayer-focused.

    The idea of sitting in the cockpit of an X-Wing or a TIE Fighter in VR, though? Count me in! Even if the game itself might be middling, the VR aspect definitely appeals a lot - though I do hope it won't be arcadey to quite the same extent as, say, the recentish Battlefront games, with power-ups and the like.

    Really, though, I just want them to do a remake of X-Wing, TIE Fighter and possibly X-Wing Alliance that lets you play the entire game in VR. I mean, just because it'll never happen doesn't mean I shouldn't want it!

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    I also wouldn't really care if it wasn't in VR, but I'm cautiously optimistic. Graphics look great but I want to see how it actually plays--definitely looks like it's targeted at casual gamers instead of something that has some depth. However I'm glad they're supporting HOTAS controls instead of relying on floating virtual flight controls. I like motion controllers but IMO they simply don't give you enough feedback (at least not yet anyways) to substitute for flight sticks. I do appreciate games like VTOL VR and Vox Machinae nonetheness but not enough to tolerate them past the novelty stage. OTOH I do like using motion controllers to interact with cockpits. I'd just prefer it if such games would allow you to use the joysticks on the actual motion controllers for flight control when grabbing the in-cockpit virtual flight controls. The game should look really good on the Reverb G2.

    Some other general thoughts on VR for discussion:
    * When it comes to what makes VR interesting as a new medium, its interaction affordances are at least as significant as the immersive visual/auditory aspects of VR. VR offers a more general interface to virtual worlds and as the hardware advances this interface will become more and more expressive. The visuals happen to be necessary for giving the user the correct perspective for making such interactions workable. There are of course gimmicky uses of VR inputs, but a well designed VR interaction model that is intuitive, that has "depth", that has significance to gameplay, and that gives the player a space master something can be extremely rewarding. Motion controller feedback is a huge bottleneck right now.

    * I think the most significant hardware advances for VR will be variable focus, wireless, eyetracking, advanced haptic/force feedback, and improved ergonomic comfort (through weight reduction, reduced gasket pressure, etc etc). OTOH, a little more pixel density and FOV beyond what we have now (my current point of reference is the valve index) and pixel density/FOV won't concern me very much anymore. I'm getting really tired of not being able to focus correctly.

    * Half-Life Alyx is an incredible game. Quite mechanically constrained but much of what it does do it does very well. Like the hand interactions, throwing, environmental interactions, and the physics--nothing else really compares. I really hope they're working on a Source 2 SDK because giving developers access to HLA's baseline of VR specific features could result in a really innovative modding scene, perhaps comparable to the goldsrc and Source 1 eras. But as it stands right now, indie devs really struggle to implement a baseline comparable to HLA because designing good VR interaction is extremely difficult and time consuming.

    * I'm convinced that more devs should focus on seated options. While I think a standing option is necessary as a more natural baseline, I also simply can't imagine gamers standing up to play games every night and the leg strain with VR has always been a complaint among my friends. At the end of the day they are tired and want to relax. Thankfully seated setups work fine for VR provided you have the right setup: the most optimal seated setup I've found is a wireless headset with a swiveling stool that has a small seat, no arm rests, and a narrow backrest (or none at all). Wireless is really critical for this though as otherwise the cord wraps around the cylinder of the stool. Stance/height changes are best controlled through the dominant hand's joystick.

    * I think that while VR offers a very promising future for gaming, it's still super early. Among my friends, only the more hardcore/enthusiast types still use their headsets (myself included) after 6 months or so. I find that right now there are so many discomforts, limitations, frictions, and clunkiness that a lot of users drop off after some time. However, despite this very few call it a gimmick or deny the cool things they've experienced--they just don't want to use it very much. As those issues are addressed, I think more and more people will stick around. E.g. I happen to think variable focus is one of those critical technologies and I doubt we'll see that before gen 3 headsets (that are probably like 7 or 8 years away).

    * Thief would be incredible in VR, provided it has well developed interactions (HLA would actually provide a good baseline...). Might need to wait for microled displays for decent black levels however.
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