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Thread: The Last Of Us, Part II

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    Man, some people are pretty good at the guitar minigame. :O

    More here.

    To be clear, the game only asks you to strum a few pre-defined chords in these sections, but the underlying system is robust enough that you can play this thing like an ACTUAL GUITAR. Now I kinda want someone who's really good at this to team up with one of those HL:Alyx piano-players and form a band where they just play songs through these games.

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    Sometimes I wonder if people really think Johnny Cash wrote that song.

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    I think he pretty much owns that song at this point.

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    All that stuff about people not wanting to hear girls moan and pant aside...

    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    btw, I got to the dogs last night! There's actually a cool mechanic here I haven't seen in other stealth games before. Your scent leaves a trail which the dogs can pick up. Once they do you'll have to constantly stay on the move(while remaining undetected), which makes these sections quite tense!
    This actually sounds quite annoying and a recipe to make you hate the dogs. So, how is the guilt-tripping working out? Are they showing you cutscenes where the bad guys play fetch with the dogs la Austin Powers or something like that? Or are dogs more like random mooks that you can mow down without any thought?

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    Some of them do have names, and the enemies will scream their dogs names in horror when you blast em away with a shotgun. I don't have any particular hangups with killing virtual animals vs killing virtual people, tho I don't exactly feel good about any of this.

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    The dogs are always paired with an owner, so if you kill the dog, the owner will definitely notice and alert others that something is going on. But if you kill the owner, the dog will just sort of hover around his body and whine a bit. It's a decent new mechanic to the game, and makes any stealth strategy a bit tougher. For some reason it reminded me of a few situations in Thief 2, where there's two guards patrolling right next to each other. Tough to take either one out with the other noticing.

    Also, even though the dogs can smell your scent, this has limitations, even after they initially detect you. If you can get far enough away, they'll forget about you completley.

    And Starker, I don't know the Austin Powers reference, but yes that exact scene you mentioned happens at one point in the game.

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    I figured there would be some shenanigans like that. And it's probably all poignant and slick, but can't help getting the impression that it's them wanting to stuff their faces with the serious cutscene story cake and still have their violent fun gameplay murder cake too.

    The Austin Powers stuff I was referring to were these ones:

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    Finished it.

    When I was first getting close to the end of the first game, a few years back, I felt like it was a great game and I was dreading the ending. Not because of where the story was heading, but because I was sure the developers were gonna fuck it up. They had built such great, tragic characters over the course of the game, but how could they possibly end it in a way that was true to these characters? No way a big-budget AAA-game could do that, instead it was probably gonna end with a big dumb bossfight and some contrived "happily ever after" ending. What happened next left me with my jaw on the floor and the feeling that I had just played one of the best games ever made.

    I really didn't want a sequel, out of that same pessimism. No way the developers can continue this story in a way that's true to the characters, right? Well, they did it, this entire sequel is very true to Ellie, Joel, and the ending of the first game, and if you've played the first game you can probably guess that this is a miserable fucking story. At least the first game had this hopeful idea waiting at the end of it, that all this ugliness was going to be worth it in the end, but there's no such silver lining here. 3 hours in you're pretty sure you're on the wrong side of this tale, and 20 hours later that point has been driven home over and over again.

    So, yeah, if you wanna have a bad time, play this game. It's great. Please, Naughty Dog, don't make a part 3.

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    Abby > Ellie

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    Excellent. I've always wanted more misery porn in my games. Ah well, I guess I'll find out soon enough - it'll be time to get started on this puppy soon enough. How about dem graphics, doe?

    fucking hell, henke, you done gone and summoned jajazd, 2020 is officially even more ruined than it was a minute ago, and that was a physical impossibility

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    The graphics are so reliably great they're not even worth commenting on.

    One more post about the gameplay: I played it on Hard and you really have to play it as a stealth game. Not only is ammo scarce, I was straight up terrible at aiming in this game. Couldn't hit shit for like the first half of the game. Luckily you have a lot of other tools at your disposal: bricks, bats, bombs. And just because you're spotted doesn't mean it turns into an action game, you can still run away and hide. Just because your enemies wanna have a shootout doesn't mean you have to. Eventually you learn to turn your disadvantages to your advantage. Maybe you get spotted and have to blast some dude away with your shotgun, now all his friends are going to come running! Ah, but you know they haven't seen you so they're going to run to the place where the sound came from, meaning if you slip into the other room quickly you can circle around and come up behind them! Figuring out tactics like this on the fly makes you feel like friggin Rambo. I'm Rambo, guys.

    As for "Abby > Ellie". Yeah! And no. Abby is more sympathetic, but I still think Ellie is the more interesting character. Perhaps because we've spent more time with her, she has more layers to her personality.

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    I just finished this recently too. The actual gameplay is fun, and it's great trying to stealth your way through each "encounter" as they call them. I played on normal, so resources were abundant, but the majority of the time I didn't really need them because I was doing the stealth thing. I focused on either stealth takedowns, or using the bow (which allows you to retrieve your arrow if you get a headshot). Abby required occasional resources to make shivs, and once in a while I did use silencers (which also required resources) because they're kind of fun. The layouts of each area are constructed well, forcing you to come up with an actual gameplan, and timing everything properly. Running and gunning rarely turns out the way you want it to. I wouldn't mind going back to play each encounter and see if it's possible to actually ghost them.

    *Spoilers, you've been warned*

    The narrative/story is what really let me down, personally. Besides the game just being overwhelmingly violent and downright depressing, which has been mentioned before, almost every character in the game is just not likable and didn't really have any redeemable qualities. Ellie, who was of course amazing in the first game, just turned into a shallow, one dimensional revenge driven killing machine. At every turn, she seemed to completely ignore common sense and reason, and I was just rooting for her to die by the end of the game. Her late game awakening was not convincing, and I've never cared so little about a finale as this one, I just wanted to get it over with.

    Abby showed some life and indicated she might give a damn about things going on around her. She also does lots of bad things, but seemed to have a lot of regret about it. She lets Ellie off the hook twice, even though overall she's lost so much more. Her taking Lev under her wing was somewhat reminiscent of the Joel/Ellie relationship in the first game, although it took a while to be convincing. I would gladly play a third game that focused on Abby and left Ellie out of things completely. The other characters just didn't do much overall - Dina, Tommy, Jesse, Owen - they provided some dialogue but weren't great characters.

    I'd say overall too, the game just didn't have a the emotional impact of the first game. About halfway through, I was really feeling beat down from all the violence and all the people I had killed, and it all seemed so senseless and without any kind of point to it. I almost quit. The game redeemed itself just enough during the island portion, and that kept me going through to the end. I thought the scenes on the island with the Seraphites and WLF just wiping each other out and the villages burning down were very poignant, and it at least brought some emotion back into the experience. At one point, Lev says "They're killing each other" and Abby just replies with "Good," indicating she's had it with both factions, one of which she recently belonged to.

    Not much else to say I guess, except that the game was more exhausting than fun to play. I guess I'm glad I saw it thru to the end, but it will never be as memorable as the first game to me. I really don't know what the devs were trying to say here, except that people are bad? I feel like they could have come up with something a little more inspiring and thought provoking.

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    I watched a review of this game last night and after hearing about Joel's fate was like meh fuck it I'll let myself get spoiled story wise. Holy fuck I have ZERO interest in playing this where before I really wanted to play it. Joel's fate, how it happens and that Ellie is not the focus of the game (Abby is). Thats not what I wanted from this game at all. Yeah no thanks. I'll stick with finishing the first game off at some point.

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    It's Ellie, btw.

    And to be fair, it's more like a 50/50 focus between Ellie and Abby. Ellie gets the first half of the game, and Abby gets the 2nd half. Near the end you'll briefly switch back and forth between the two.

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    Well, Brethren, I don't agree about the characters. I think they're interesting, and my favourite parts were when the gameplay paused and we just got to hang out with them for a while. I agree it's an exhausting game tho. Mostly I'm feeling exhausted for the characters, and I sometimes wondered how our protagonists had the power to keep going and not just lie face down and die. There were also a few parts where the game threatened to go on for too long. I gave out a long weary sigh when the perspective switched to Abby, Seattle Day 1. I was like "I get it, game. The people on the other side are also PEOPLE. We don't have to do this WHOLE THING!", but then she runs into some unexpected new friends and the story takes a turn I didn't expect and I was intrigued again. Overall tho, I think they could've trimmed out some of the gameplay sections, maybe cut it down from 25 hours to 20 and had a better, tighter game.

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    Yeah no thanks. I'll stick with finishing the first game off at some point.
    I've been wondering if the people complaining about Joel's fate in TLOU2 even finished the first game, and I'm more and more suspecting none of them did.

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    I haven't yet which is criminal as the game is brilliant.

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