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Thread: Thief Series FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (Technical / Purchasing / Etc.) - 2012

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    OK, finally found it, although the installation path is neither linked nor mentioned anywhere (that I could find) in SneakyTweaker. It installs mods at C:\ProgramData\Thief 3 Sneaky Upgrade. Never would have thought to look in ProgramData, since 99% of programs use C:\Users\(username)\AppData\. Having the Garrett Animation Tweaks installed is why changes to T3PlayerAnims.ini in the game's base folder was having no effect. Thanks snobel!

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    I've been trying to install my old Dark Project disc version of the game with Tfix Lite for a close to vanilla experience. A week or so ago I got the old game installed, but I inadvertently installed Tfix instead of Tfix Lite. So I uninstalled and have been trying to reinstall today, with no luck. I get as far as the install screen, click 'Install', and after about a minute the screen will disappear and nothing will seem to be happening. Any ideas?

    EDIT: Hey, they weren't kidding when they said it might take hours for installation to start. Installation successful, game runs, and Tfix Lite is, I assume, applied successfully (I have more resolution options than in vanilla).
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