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Thread: Lost City inaccessible loot

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    Lost City inaccessible loot

    I tried to look for a thread on this but couldn't find any. Near the start of Lost City in Thief Gold there are two loot items along with some broadheads and rope arrows that are inaccessible. They are just beyond the gate which is located near the entrance to the lost city. It seems that it is impossible to get 100% of the loot because the gold plate and gold goblet are out of reach. Has there been a fix for this?

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    In NewDark, you can shoot two rope arrows into the two window shutters that are high up on the south wall and close to the gate. The first shutter is the last one just before the gate, the second one is almost exactly above the gate. Jump onto the first rope, climb up, and then jump over to the second rope. Once you grabbed that rope, turn so that you look somewhere to the nortwest and jump over the gate's roof. You should only receive minor fall damage. It's easy to get everything on the other side, then, and several crates invite you to stack them so that your way back is a bit less difficult.

    It is tricky to climb to the right height of the ropes and to adjust your jumps, but it can be done.

    Whether this also works in OldDark I don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baeuchlein View Post
    Whether this also works in OldDark I don't know.
    From Lytha's old walkthroughs:

    Quote Originally Posted by Lytha
    Before you hop in now, turn left, and face the wall with the closed gate infront of you. You can climb over the wall with a rope arrow shot into the wall to your left. Under the crates infront of you is some loot, and in one of the corners of this area is an additional rope arrow plus some broadheads. You can shot a rope arrow into the wall where you found the loot. Make it so, get your first rope arrow back, and jump into the river.

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    Ok thanks! I'll give it a try and see what happens.

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    would love to see a screen shot of this area you all talking about

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