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Thread: Thief 2X Texture Mod 1.2 (Full) with AngelLoader

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    Thief 2X Texture Mod 1.2 (Full) with AngelLoader

    Finally, I've downloaded this version to replay this gem :

    I unpacked the 7-Zip file and repack it as a Zip. (As recommended by FenPhoenix)

    I have the french Thief 2 TMA installed with T2Fix and I'm using AngelLoader (works like a charm).

    So my question is :

    - Should I check 'disable all mods' or only write "ep2" in the 'disabled mods' field to avoid any problem and for a better experience ?

    Or should I bother anyway ?

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    The "disable mods" options prevent the FM from using any mods external to itself (so mods that are installed globally in your Thief folder and are enabled in cam_mod.ini). So, any mods that are included in the FM itself will not affected by the "disable mods" options. Since it looks like this version comes with the HD mod built-in, choosing "Disable all mods" would be a good idea - it will prevent any external mods from interfering, while keeping the FM's built-in T2X HD mod intact.

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    So if I understand correctly, if I check the "Disable mods", any mod will be disabled ?

    My cam_mod.ini is as follow :

    mod_path usermods+mods\candles+mods\CarryBody+NecroAge+EP2+mods\t2water+mods\t2skies+mods\EP+T2FMDML

    --> Interactive candles, CarryBody, NecroAge, EP2, t2water, t2skies, EP and T2FMDML = Disabled altogether?

    (I have not the NecroAge.crf in my install)

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    Yes, "Disable all mods" will disable absolutely every listed mod in cam_mod.ini for that mission. If you only want to disable certain ones, then you should write them into the Disabled Mods textbox in the format you see them written in cam_mod.ini, so if you want to disable ep2 and t2skies, you would put:



    It's okay if cam_mod.ini is specifying some mods that you don't have, it just means "enable these mods if they exist".

    (On a side note:
    I'm seeing that T2FMDML counts as a mod, which being how important it is (while the other mods are mainly visual), I'm now thinking I should improve the "Disable mods" feature in AngelLoader to maybe have an "all except DML mods" or even to let you choose to "exclude all except these", rather than just "include all except these".)

    But, T2XHD.7z has a bunch of dml files in it already, which again makes me think it's fine to disable even T2FMDML for that one, as it has its own.

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    You need to overwrite the existing dml files when prompted.

    The existing dml files are mainly to do with sky textures and other such issues, however we included the old dml code in our new dml's, most of which were to fix misplaced objects and fixing fences that you could climb over with Newmantle.

    We only made one significant dml fix with regard to objectives, that being in mission 12: The Cure in which without the dml installed the objective to steal the 2 precious stones will not complete unless you also open an empty chest.

    I tested the dml manually not via T2Fix and it worked correctly, and the dml loads correctly using T2Fix/FMdml so all should be good. If not please let us know.

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    Thank you for the explanations!

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