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Thread: CTEC Mission - Shadow Moon

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    Okay, thanks.

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    Stonking good little mission - loved it

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    I really like the sky in this mission (among other things). It was nice on top of the roof, looking at the night sky with the sound of the blowing wind.

    I am in front of a locked metal door in a narrow hallway with an keg of explosives in front of it. I think I'm supposed to blow the door open by shooting my fire arrow at the keg. But no matter what I hit with the arrow, it buries it's burning little head into the object and refuses to explode. Are these ostrich-fire arrows? Is that how I'm supposed to get past the door?

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    I snagged the horn, flash bombed the 3 zombies that spawned,
    and the door is still sealed!
    (not even frobable!)
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    Nice mission, the level design is a bit basic but the gameplay makes up for it.

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