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Thread: Old Southquarter FM Reviews

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    Darkness Falls: The Royal Garmyth
    Posted in Reviews, Thief 2, Series, City, Warehouse, Guards
    June 28th, 2006 by Morrgan |

    A ship that recently arrived in town carried a gem called the Royal Garmyth. The ship has already sailed, but the gem was unloaded and moved into a nearby warehouse. This mysterious gem is rumoured to be so valuable that men would kill to have it, so naturally Garrett aims to get a hold of it before the new owner figures out its real worth.

    The Royal Garmyth by Hidden In Shadows is set in a district of warehouses, and it both looks and feels the part. There are other buildings to explore on the way, which add more variety to the surroundings. The architecture is appealing throughout the mission, especially at the start where the warehouses have a strong resemblance to the ones in Shipping… and Receiving. The outside areas are detailed, even the tops of buildings; an attractive feature of the cityscape is the use of various arches to connect buildings. The textures are generally appropriate, although they could use more variation.

    For some unexplained reason Garrett starts out with nothing but his blackjack and lockpicks; it seems strange that a master thief would set out on a job without proper tools. A sword can be found in the level, but its hidden in an odd place and reaching it requires some exploration. Little other additional equipment is found, of which few items are of the damaging kind. On the other hand, hardly any equipment is needed to complete the mission comfortably: even with these limitations the objectives are met without much effort. The challenges mainly consist of getting past guards and there arent that many of them around. Speaking of guards, this mission doesnt have a no-kill objective on any difficulty, giving more options for style of play than most FMs. Dont expect to be able to kill everyone though (unless you find the sword); because of the limited equipment, its easier to just sneak past or blackjack the guards than trying to kill them all.

    The mission has a somewhat creepy feel, even though the surroundings are innocuous. This is thanks to some well-chosen ambient sounds, which give the subtle impression that somethings wrong underneath the surface; an effect that can be tricky to accomplish. The transitions between ambient sounds are sometimes quite abrupt however, and some sounds are more annoying than atmospheric.

    Something I particularly appreciate about the design of the level is that there are several ways of reaching the Royal Garmyth. However, the overall layout could have been better planned, for on Easy and Medium the mission can be completed without visiting a large part of the mission that is accessible only by secret passage. This area makes no difference for the objectives, but it does provide a small subplot and quite a bit of loot. If you miss it the mission feels too short, whereas visiting the area makes you wonder why its there in the first place.

    The lighting suffers from a problem that is very common among FMs: most light sources have no radius set on them, which means that the light gem is affected even beyond their visible light. This in turn means that its difficult to judge shadows from a distance, which can often lead to needless confrontations and which irritated me to no end. In addition, small invisible light sources occasionally cause this problem as well. There is also a minor issue with buggy sound propagation in a few places.

    As a whole though, this mission has no significant problems. Its bug-free, visually pleasing and has a decent atmosphere. Unfortunately theres just nothing that special about it. Nevertheless, this FM offers a good half-hour of entertaining thieving on its own.

    If you enjoy this mission, dont miss the sequel called A Dire Venture.

    Pros: Pleasant architecture, effective use of ambient sounds, good writing.
    Cons: There is no sense of closure at the end of the mission; its possible to miss about half of the level on Easy and Medium, which makes the level feel too short.
    Bottom Line: This FM may not be very memorable, but it has good looks and provides a good half-hour of thiefy enjoyment.

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    Darkness Falls: A Dire Venture
    Posted in Reviews, Thief 2, Series, Warehouse, Guards
    June 26th, 2006 by Spitter

    The story of A Dire Venture picks up from where The Royal Garmyth, the previous mission by Hidden in shadows, left off. Garrett has stolen a gemstone with some certainly unusual properties and is a bit at loss at what to do with it. So he decides to pay the keepers a small visit and find out more about the garmyth.

    The mission consists of a small warehouse area and another small structure later on. Lack of any sort of a map makes the start rather confusing, but the mission area is very simple. Architecture is decent throughout. Nothing fancy, but not basic either. The warehouses are rather dull for the most part but the rooftops in the background provide suitably ominous ambience. My main gripe with the mission is texturing, however. I realize that the author has decided to pick a style and stick with it, but some variety wouldn't hurt. Apart from the late mission area, almost everything is built from the same red brick, with some random blue brick buildings thrown in between. Some wooden beams could also have used texture alignment.

    The readables provide suitable backstory and details and aren't too terse nor too verbose. The story itself is nothing phenomenal and didn't exactly grip me into the game, but it was an excuse enough to rob some warehouses.

    The mission also has some custom ambient music, but I wasn't too taken by them. They provide some thrill into the mission but I didn't find them particularly thiefy.

    Something to note is that the level was quite easy - and short. Which I appreciated. A Dire Venture is a quick, painless and streamlined Thief romp which kept me well entertained for thirty minutes. Weighing slightly less than 3 Mb in size, its definitely worth the download.

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    Transitions In Chaos, Part I: Conspiracies In The Dark
    Posted in Reviews, Thief 2, Mansion, City, Sewer
    June 28th, 2006 by Curunir

    To put it simply - a glorious level by Ramirez’s Old Fat Burrick with a lot of fun things to do, plagued by several ridiculous switch placements and a silly obligatory secrets objective.

    First things first, the visuals are astonishing. I have never seen Thief 2 look that good, and with Saints and Thieves and Rocksbourg out, that's quite an accomplishment. The texturing is beautiful and rich without being tasteless or garish. The lighting is also surprisingly good, with sharp, precise shadows near bright sources and soft darkness in ambient-lit areas. The new textures also spruce things up and the higher poly models are a nice touch. The only possible minor gripe with visuals that I have is the intensity of the raylight shafts, those could have been a little less intense in color and more transparent.

    Nothing but praise for the architecture either. I suppose some people are going to complain about yet another mansion etc, but the display of connectivity, use of space and pure eye-candy detail are enviable.
    Objectives and story pacing were also quite good, I enjoyed snatching letters and leafing through diaries, the story integration of it all was good. I don't mind objectives that make you backtrack a lot, but the enforced find x secrets thing was a bit too much. I actually had to read the FM forum thread to get the final fifth secret to finish the level. Another major complaint would be the lack of clues as to how on earth you're supposed to complete the penultimate objective. I already had one of the needed items but there was no hint as to how I should go on from there, and I excluded the actual solution as an option because the item used had previously been unusable. Its not that the idea isn't well implemented, I actually liked the sequence, the problem is, there are no actual clues about how its done and that is a problem in a level that big.

    In conclusion, Conspiracies is an outstanding level that boasts gorgeous visuals, lots of detail in architecture, texturing and lighting, a relatively spacious map, an interesting and well-scripted storyline and a few problematic and sometimes plainly irritating moments where the player is forced to play guessing games.

    The good far outweighs the bad though and for all the momentary frustration, I can wholeheartedly recommend this mission to everyone.

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    Treason & Plot
    Posted in Reviews, Thief 2, Thieves, Underground
    July 21st, 2006 by Renault

    The Baron just doesn't get enough attention in the world of Thief. He gets a nod here in the first FM by nicked, a quick but satisfying trek through an basement level base of a group of vigilantes. Most of the architecture if somewhat basic (although not overly so), and there aren't too many surprises or twists. There is some odd texturing in a few places, and some of the loot (at least on expert) is very difficult to find. But the story is actually quite good considering the size of the level, and the content and placement of the readables is excellent in that only hints of the overall plot are revealed early on. The AI placement is just about right, and will provide a solid challenge. A good first outing from this author, and definitely worth playing if you have the time, which should be less than an hour.

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    Bloodstone Prison
    Posted in Reviews, Thief 1/Gold, Undead
    July 3rd, 2006 by Morrgan

    A man called Bando has asked Garrett to venture inside Bloodstone Prison and retrieve his wife's brooch, which was confiscated from Bando when he spent some time in the prison years back. So whats the catch? Well, the prison has been overrun by the undead and dealing with them will hardly be an easy task.

    One of the most difficult tasks of making a haunted mission is creating the horror-filled atmosphere. It may seem like an easy solution to cram the mission full of undead hordes, in the hope that this will paralyze the player with fear. Well, most of the time this just doesnt work, and with a little bad luck gameplay turns into a boring and often frustrating zombie-chopping routine. Fortunately, Bloodstone Prison doesn't make this mistake. The mission was clearly designed with sneaking in mind, with just enough enemies to make things interesting. Shadows are found in the right spots and the patrol routes are well timed to create the small windows of opportunity a skilled thief needs. If the player so desires, there is the possibility of embarking upon a holy quest to rid the prison of foul undead creatures, but for this mission I found the stealthy approach to be much more rewarding.

    KFGeckos thoughtful use of lighting and ambient sound is the basis for Bloodstone Prisons intense atmosphere. The balance between light and shadow is very good, both in terms of visuals and gameplay. The lights and torches have custom special effects, creating an eerie and unreal look. Ambient sounds are appropriately used, their creepy effect enhanced by the whispers of haunts. One of few problems with the level is sound propagation, so the often-heard sounds from the undead are most likely accidental, but the result is usually an even more intense experience since they fit in so well with the setting.

    Another great influence on atmosphere is the commendable attention to detail. Piles of bones lay here and there, their positions and locations hinting at what has happened. For example, there are bones at the bottom of a canal behind a locked underwater gate; the remains of a prisoner who drowned while trying to escape. A man who was trapped inside the prison after it was abandoned has left behind a letter to his family, telling them what had happened to him, apparently hoping the letter would one day reach them. These details do much to immerse the player and create the illusion that this was once a real place. Compared to this, the current state of the prison seems even more distressing.

    Some of these small, personal stories are associated with interesting puzzles that are fairly challenging to solve, often requiring unique solutions. The puzzles are not put in just for the sake of having puzzles; they fit in perfectly as part of the story. Not all of them are much fun though: the one involving a swarm of exploding frogs annoyed me greatly. Of course, theres always the possibility of turning it into messy entertainment to be watched from afar, but for the sake of a spoiler-free review Ill let you discover the joys of this on your own.

    The decay and ruin of the prison allows for surprising ways of getting from one location to another. The mission proceeds smoothly with little need for backtracking, letting the player explore the prison bit by bit. The mission is non-linear in the sense that the objectives dont have to be completed in a certain order, but theres one major path you need to take in order to reach all areas of the prison. Still, there are many smaller parts you can explore in whatever order you wish, so this linearity isnt too bothersome or even very noticeable.

    The architecture ranges from ok to very nice. The prison is in various stages of ruin, just as one would expect. I especially like the tree roots that have pushed through walls here and there. Parts of the prison have collapsed, a consequence of the earthquake Bando mentions in his note to Garrett at the start of the mission. Layout is very good, with all the rooms and corridors having sensible sizes. One weakness is the fact that its easily possible to climb up and touch the sky in several places or go beyond what was supposed to be the limits, which naturally detracts from immersion. Be careful as you explore, as its also possible to get permanently stuck in at least one of these places.

    Bloodstone Prison is one of the earlier missions, released at the end of 1999. I rarely replay any FM just for fun, but Ive returned to this one about half a dozen times. It contains all the aspects I enjoy in the original levels from the first Thief. Despite its age, I still consider it one of the best.

    Pros: Enjoyable and eerie atmosphere, fitting architecture and terrain, excellent use of lighting, great gameplay.
    Cons: Its possible to get stuck in some of the more random terrain.
    Bottom Line: A terrific mission. I recommend it to all players who express even the slightest interest in undead FMs.

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    Thief Noir
    Posted in Reviews
    August 5th, 2006 by russellmz

    Author : Tim (Gumdrop) Murray
    Version : 1.03

    A very small map in a black and white world outside the Thief universe.
    Visually its like a noir film, but the small size and having few of the other tools in your normal arsenal makes it somewhat limited. Play it when you don't want to spend more than fifteen or twenty minutes on a map.

    Download if you want a quick game

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    Review posted on January 9, 2008 by Ganac
    Tagged with Bad Mission • Crypt • German • Undead

    Here is a quickie for the wall of shame!

    This mission comes to us only in German, but trust me non-German speakers, you are not missing anything.

    In this mission, you are being chased by some very fast zombies. You need to find a few, and yet Ill admit, cleverly hidden weapons to destroy the zombies. Then you find a key, open the door, and the mission ends.

    That's it.

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    A Thiefs Holiday 2004 (wip)
    Review posted on November 25, 2007 by Ganac
    Tagged with Thief 2

    Garrett entertains! By Yandros.

    Garrett has planned a Christmas party with a few close friends, and you have top help him put it together.

    Each difficulty level has more objectives, and ways to make them harder. For example, on easy, the cookies are all on the table, but on hard, they are hidden everywhere. I think one is in the shed outside.

    Other objectives include, lighting the tree, cutting cake, sweeping dust piles, making a fire, etc.

    This mission nails the atmosphere. It really gets the feel of Christmas time, and that is why this is no doubt my favorite mission of all time. I especially love the O Holy Night record (TSO rules!).

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    Debt to Nate
    Review posted on January 26, 2008 by Ganac
    Tagged with Bad Mission • Thief 2 • Undead

    Another quicky for the wall of shame!

    Here to save you from wasting your time, the quick summary for Debt to Nate.

    An OK storyline tells how this Nate character bails G out and he has repay him by stealing a horn.

    The mission takes place in one room. Once you steal the horn, what do you know, the room fills up with undead. Nothing is ever that simple, right? Using their telekenisis, the zombies lock the door, and of course, you have to find the key, unlock the door, escape, and obviously lock it behind you. Now you should get that warm and fuzzy feeling.

    Debt to Nate: leave him hanging, don't bother!

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    Review posted on November 25, 2007 by Ganac
    Tagged with Guards • Outdoors • Thief 2 • Thieves

    Author : Terry “Ricebug” DeLaney
    Contact Info :
    Homepage :
    Release Date: October 2007

    Zork meets Thief.

    Zork. That was a name that belonged to another time. It was a text based adventure pioneer. You know, for those intellectual people with better imaginations. And there's no precious graphics shmaphics to help you out, either! But now-a-days there ARE graphics shmaphics to help you out, and Thork is a modern day what if Thief Mission.

    I myself have never played Zork. So if there is anybody who can gauge the accuracy between the two games, contact me!

    The visuals are quite big, and open, and even though they convey the fantasy world, the amount of ground that needs to be traversed gets a little annoying. There are a few custom characters, like the giants, and the robots.

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    Night At the Theatre
    Review posted on June 27, 2006 by Ganac
    Tagged with Bad Mission • City • Guards • Thief 2

    Night At the Theatre

    Quite simple. First, you have to break into a small theater, which happens to be heavily guarded, and filled with nobility, where apparently, the theater is not even open yet.

    Right from the start, there is sneaking problems, because the drunk at the window easily spots you, and if he does, all hell is broken loose. You have to be A) Fast B) lucky to get by him.

    The owner of the place has a problem with his new star, who happens to be a TRANSVESTITE MECHANIST. Need I say more?

    He seems to have more problems too. Tenth grade physics do not seem to matter here, as guards like to walk strait through stock wooden benches (nobility?) and doors, as well as shoot and see right through thick theater curtains (which often disappear).

    If you can turn off the lights without attention from the nobles, The light backstage seems to not function properly, as in you are invisible in the light. Another bug that seriously kills this mission, is that you can get stuck in a small pool of water, also back stage.

    In one room, it is basically full of nobility, right next to all the treasure. Another problem for ghosters.
    The guards are another issue. It is impossible to sneak by these guys, who will gladly cut you to ribbons when they see you. I think the City Watch have better things to do right now.

    Is ghosting impossible in this mission?
    To take a wild, random guess, I would have to say, yes.

    Don't bother with this one.

    Pros: Had a good idea, it just needs a lot of work.
    Cons: Illogical, buggy, impossible to ghost, defies the laws of chemical thermodynamics


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    Ack! There's a Zombie in the Basement
    Review posted on June 27, 2006 by Morrgan
    Tagged with Guards • Mansion • Thief 2

    Ack! Theres a Zombie in the Basement by Polygon is a short mission, but its fun and pretty. Garrett is low on cash and has decided to break into a rich guys house and steal everything of value. I don't think Ill spoil it for anyone if I say that there's also a zombie involved.

    The first impression is rather lovely, with a nice view of the façade of the building, snow slowly falling down. Finding the way inside is easy and you soon find yourself looting a stylish little townhouse. The architecture is detailed, enjoyable to look at and the amount of eyecandy is always appropriate for the rooms in question. I couldn't find a single misaligned texture, nor any poorly placed pieces of furniture. After knocking out the guards on Hard, I spent several extra minutes just wandering around and looking at the surroundings.

    Gameplay is basic, straightforward sneaking and thieving. On Normal you can pretty much play as you please, but no kills are allowed on Hard and theres a big emphasis on stealth on Expert, with a limit on knockouts as well. All the challenges come from sneaking past guards, which are few but strategically placed to make sneaking past them as tricky as possible. Expert difficulty will definitely challenge your stealth skills. You might get frustrated if youre as bad at ghosting as I am, but if that happens, theres always that zombie you can lure over to take care of the guards. I found it most relaxing.
    The background story is a familiar one, but its plenty good enough for a small, light-hearted mission like this. There's a little information to be found on the inhabitants of the house, explaining the mysterious zombie, which gives a bit more life to the setting. It even contains such a rare thing as a funny diary. Nothing obvious is missing from atmosphere, but there's nothing especially intriguing either.

    Its hard to find faults with this mission. The sound propagation is a bit iffy in places and more ambient sounds could have been used to set the mood of the place, but that's about all I can think of. This FM may be small and quick to complete, but whats there is very good. Its a mission I was happy to play more than once and will probably play again later. If you want a quick, stylish and fun diversion for 15 minutes or so, this is a mission I highly recommend.

    Pros: Great architecture; sneaking is challenging.
    Cons: Nothing major, but sound propagation could be better in some areas.
    Bottom Line: If you're looking for fun and quick, stealthy thieving, this missions for you.

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    Some Shopping
    Review posted on February 26, 2007 by Renault
    Tagged with City • Guards • Thief 2 • Warehouse

    This excellent city mission by T. Nagy Levente will definitely put a strain on most taffers out there, purely from difficulty alone. I cant say I agree with making (nearly) every single guard un-blackjackable, but once you accept that this is the way its going to be, its not so bad, even for non-ghosters like myself. It does provide an incredible challenge, especially on expert difficulty (where no killing is allowed). Not a bad thing, especially considering how easy some of the levels released in recent times have been. What makes this FM so tough is not only the knockout limitation, but the abundance of AI, all who are on a short patrol route in tight quarters. It makes for some tense moments, and in certain spots it can be extremely frustrating, but overall its quite fun. Just get ready to reload often.

    The City layout itself is very good, with a nice variety of buildings and pathways to explore. The author takes advantage of heights and distances well, with entrances to various areas by both ground level and rooftop. Entrance to most locations requires a key, and there are quite a few keys to find. Unfortunately, not only are they unmarked, but there doesn't appear to be much rhyme or reason for their placement (two are actually just sitting in random places on the ground - not the greatest decision). The design here definitely could have been done better, but if you just kicking back and enjoying the exploration of the surrounding areas, you'll run into most of the keys anyway. A map would have been a nice addition, but also has the potential to ruin the exploration effect, so its a tough call. The story here is rather weak, with a friend of Garrett's basically giving him a shopping list of things to obtain, although were not really sure why. There are other minor weaknesses such as some bad sound propagation and some ladders that are infuriatingly hard to climb onto, but overall this mission should please most Thief fans. Due to the difficulty and the lengthy shopping list, this mission will likely take you in excess of three hours. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

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    Citadel of Douro
    Review posted on February 25, 2007 by Renault
    Tagged with City • Guards • Hammerite • Mansion • Thief 2

    Cardia1 is quite busy these days creating FMs. This is a fairly large one, consisting mainly of some city streets, a castle/mansion area, and a church or cathedral. My first observation was that the mission is very dark, and that point does not let up throughout the level. Some additional lighting would have been beneficial, and even provided some more atmosphere. There is some very nice construction here, with towering bastions, multiple paths to follow and plenty of niches to explore. Your goal is to find the Hand of Dreams, although no details are ever given about what exactly it is. In fact, this FM does not appear to have any plot at all. A mission of this size could use even a minimal story, and subsequently some objectives to direct the player in the right direction. Sadly, there are only two (find the Hand and get some loot). In any case, clues are left throughout the mission as to the exact location of the Hand, although its really just a single sentence broken up into six parts. No explanation is ever given as to why these clues (and some hints about loot locations) are scattered about. In fact, most of the readables here are complete immersion killers, drawing attention to themselves outside the bounds of the level. One is even a direct address from the author to the player, a huge pet peeve of mine. That's what readme files are for.

    While I did enjoy this FM, there are some additional glaring faults that could have been addressed. The sound issues are probably the worst, with many of the AI being able to hear me from areas they should not be able to (and me being able to hear them). Several times, a guard burst into the room I was in from out of nowhere, and I could not figure out for the life of me where they came from. That said, the music used throughout was perfect for the setting and really added to the mood of the mission. Back to AI, the placement of them in most areas was sparse, and overall they didn't provide much of a challenge, even on expert. This is also related to one of my previous points about lack of light - many of the city areas provide too easy of a hiding spot for the player, allowing them to basically walk right up to any alert AI and blackjack them. And while the architecture was very interesting in most places, the overall height of the mission screamed out for the use of a small rooftop area, or even a room or hidden area only accessible by rope arrow. There is unfortunately none of this.

    A lot of time was put into the development of this FM, and it is without a doubt an entertaining journey. However, music and architecture only go so far, and most Thief fanatics enjoy a solid story. This might be an area the author focuses a bit more on in the future. With that in mind, I look forward to their next project.

    Edit - This mission was originally released in 2007, but there have been several updates since that time that have addressed the audio issues.
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    Bestest FM
    Review posted on June 25, 2006 by Renault
    Tagged with Thief 2

    In a crazy attempt to pull the wool over our eyes, Sluggs originally released this FM anonymously. Maybe it should have stayed that way. Unless you are into lame novelty crappy FMs (and don't get me wrong, they can be amusing), you should avoid this one. No real plot or architecture, just a simple kill objective. Can be finished in under 10 minutes.

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    The Quiet Heat
    By RenaultPublished: June 25, 2006
    Posted in: Thief 2 FM
    Tags: City, Guards, Thief 2

    I really enjoyed this mission at the start. Daytime missions are rare in themselves, but this one (brought to you by MotleyCat) also has a unique Mediterranean feel to it which proves initially to be somewhat captivating. The architecture isn't outstanding, but in my opinion, its all done very cleverly, and with the help of some nice new textures, it made for a very interesting setting. In particular, the City streets and a wrecked hideout section near the beginning of the level are very fun to walk around and explore. Although there isn't much a of a plot to speak of, its sufficient (at least early on) to keep you going and motivate exploration.

    However, my enjoyment of this level did not last. After you get to a certain point in the FM, a few weaknesses become apparent that unfortunately kill the overall mood. First, the mission is way too easy. I'm not exactly a genius when it comes to solving puzzles and the like, but I cleared right through this mission without much hesitation. Next, the sound prorogation is bad in places – there was one spot where I was able to walk all the way up to a guard on a marble floor without him hearing me. Even worse however, is that you get to a certain section of the story where several modern day references are made, and it completely kills any sort of mystique that had been generated up until that point. In the beginning of this FM, I was intrigued and really wanted to discover how the mission would finish. By the end, I just wanted to get it over with and see if I missed any secrets.

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    From Beneath The Sands
    Review posted on June 25, 2006 by Renault
    Tagged with Crypt • Thief 2 • Undead

    A very fun FM with and Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider feel, but also highly inspired by the official Bonehoard Lost City levels. I'm actually surprised there aren't more missions like this one (created by nicked), as I believe many fans find them quite entertaining. The central challenge in this level is puzzles, and there are many of them. The balance is achieved very nicely, with nothing extremely difficult, but nothing ridiculously easy either. Many are quite clever and original, although a few are downright cliched. Although a lot of Lost City type textures are used, this level feels far more Egyptian than that level ever did, and it looks good, but maybe not as gorgeous as some other recent FMs. The architecture is about what you would expect from a level with this theme, and there are several alternate routes to mix things up a bit. There are also some nicely done custom AI that fit in especially well considering the theme of the mission.

    The story is very good and keeps you moving, and is extremely reminiscent (maybe too much) of the official Bonehoard map. Still, interest level is high as you proceed further into the ruins, with the feeling that danger is right around the corner. Your return trip at the end is equally rewarding, instead of just being a simple “return to the place you started” objective. There is some tech here, most of which is wrapped up within the traps and fits seamlessly into the level. I thought sound was done very well for the most part, except for one particular spot that is rather glaring. All in all, a very nice trip into a style of FM that has been somewhat forgotten.
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    Very many thanks for putting all these together for us.

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    Thank you Brethren, these will be very useful.

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    "Citadel of Douro" has suffered updates, one of them is the sound issue that was part of the original version, and it no longer has that problem.

    Its good to have missions reviews.

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    Pedro, I added a note to the review to reflect the updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    Pedro, I added a note to the review to reflect the updates.
    Thank you Mike

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    This is excellent work, Brethren !

    I hadn't noticed this thread before. Good job. I remember the reviews well, I think I even rediscovered and saved a few on my own, a few years back.

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