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Thread: Are You Effing Kidding Me?

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    Interesting article --

    I'm kind of losing track of what's happening in the SW universe anyway. If you asked me to sum up the current status of the major characters as of the end of TLJ, I might be hard pressed to get it right.

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    I was pissed that Admiral Thrawn from the extended universe (in both books and video games) never made it over to official canon. If anything the extended universe was far more interesting than what we got in the end.

    The Jedi for one thing would be far more numerous (since Luke started up a new Jedi temple, trained up quite a few new Jedi and got the whole order back in action), where as official canon is 1 Jedi and 1 Sith left, that's it. I find the whole concept of an entire order being restored, that was at a point reduced to a singular individual left, quite fascinating.

    The Lone Wolf gamebook series that I love so much, went for a similar concept, to far better success (in the context of restoring a nearly extinct warrior order).

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    I would love to see a Disney/Netflix adaptation of Tim Zahn's trilogy of books. But since it all happens right after Return of the Jedi, so it would have been tough to include anything from there in Episodes 7/8/9.

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    I think the expanded universe went out the window when they decided to reboot the franchise by copying the original Ep 4 story.

    I'm going to guess that they took a look at the prequels, which featured a lot of Jedi and multiple Sith, and decided that re-doing the "last of the Jedi" story was the safer choice. I don't entirely blame them, because the prequels were pretty heavy on Jedis doing Jedi tricks. With all those Jedi around, some of the battle scenes ended up a bit silly, especially the battle with Dooku at the end of AotC.

    Not that it saved Abrams and Johnson from making silly battle scenes...

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