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Thread: DromEd acting strangly

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    DromEd acting strangly

    DromEd's been acting up tonight in a very strange way. Recent modifications aren't preserved when I go into game mode, for example, and some of the object properties appear to be messed up (and this despite the fact that I have not yet begun to extensively modify the .gam file. For example, the when I throw an Old Crate onto a wall in the hopes to have it flinderize, the initial crate remains even after the flinders, and henceforth is indestructible. I hope this is intelligible enough...

    I can't recall ever encountering such bugs before. I'd like to remind everyone that I've chosen to use Old Dark for my project. I remember having read somewhere that DromEd or Thief (Old Dark) might have an expiry date (was it supposed to be sometime in 2020?). Can anyone confirm if this is the case or not? What else could be causing this?

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    IIRC the expiry date was in 2038, so i doubt it's that. Other than that, I'm not sure what could be causing it. Changes are lost even without loading (i.e., within a single dromed session)?

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    I'd recommend making sure that convict.osm and gen.osm are loaded, weird things can happen if they aren't.

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    The crate issue sounds like the old DeathStage 12 bug, so check the crate and other misbehaving objects for that property. And not to belabor the old point, but in NewDark with the Dromed toolkit menus, this is cleaned up every time you enter game mode if I'm not mistaken so that you never end up with objects with DS12.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    but in NewDark with the Dromed toolkit
    Actually, the original Dromed Toolkit, for OldDark, came with a thing to remove death stage 12 from all objects. I read somewhere that it's not necessary the NewDark. There may therefore be a more recent version of the toolkit that no longer handles that bug.

    Original Dromed Toolkit:

    If you already use this, or one of the other menu/command sets out there, there's no need to extract everything (in case you've already installed it and modified some files).

    The files primarily of interest are:

    Look in your existing copy of menus.cfg for "Game Mode" and see what command it's running. If it just says "game_mode" you should change it to "run GameMode.cmd". The .cmd and the others can go in a subfolder to keep things tidy (the menues.cfg command should then be "run .\folder\GameMode.cmd".

    If it turns out your menu is already doing the above then I'm not sure what else can be done.

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    Sorry if this has been asked and answered, but why do you use OldDark, Sperry? Is it (1) a tech issue (i.e., computer won't run NewDark)? (2) Is there a hidden downside to NewDark that I'm unaware of? Or is it (3) an artistic choice to use OldDark as the "canvas"? If its option 3, so be it---who am I to prescribe how an artist should create? But if it's one of the former 2, maybe we can find a workaround that would let you accomplish what you want within the much more user friendly environment that NewDark allows.

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    Option 4 might be masochism, which is also a perfectly valid choice.

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    Isn't that implied simply by using Dromed at all?

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