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Thread: Alternate Mission Testing Site at Southquarter

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    Alternate Mission Testing Site at Southquarter

    As many of you are already aware, we have had some issues with the board at Shalebridgecradle in the last week. We are up and running again but may still experience some intermittent problems. I have tried contacting Dussander, who is the owner of the board, but so far I have not had a response.

    As a backup, Brethren has graciously created an alternate board for us over at his site, Southquarter. Here is the link to the alternate testing board:

    I am an admin there now too, and will assist any and all in getting their testing forum set up over there if you choose to do so. You are welcome to stay at Shalebridgecradle for now, and we'll see what happens, but if we go down there again, or experience problems, you might think about relocating to Southquarter.

    If you decide you want a forum at Southquarter, first go there and register and then contact me at TTLG because I am most likely to see your message here first.

    I will see if it's possible to move existing fora over to the new site, but I have no experience with that. Anyone out there who does have experience, feel free to contact me.

    Good luck with your testing,


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    I don't think you can move selected fora to a new host, you can only export and import the entire database as far as I know. I have a little phpBB experience as you know, and will be happy to help out with the new forum if you and brethren need a hand.

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    Thanks, Russ! Glad to have you aboard!

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