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Thread: TMA20AC Mission — Time For Change (Mar 27, 2020)

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    This level feels very 1999-2000. It's understandable since you're just starting out. I don't mind stark level design necessarily. But in particular, I really didn't care for the mine in the basement, which ended my ironman run. That seemed like bad design to me. Otherwise, good first effort. Maybe a little more time in the oven next time.

    Edit: Here's my run of the mission (second attempt):
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    • Easy difficulty
    • 54 minutes
    • 3270 of 3815 loot
    • 3 of 3 secrets

    • A commendable effort for a first-time author. I think this is a fun, worthwhile contribution to the contest.
    • I liked the small-scale mystery of rumors about upcoming changes in the warehouses.
    • The architecture is simple, but I felt you really tried to make the rooms interesting with varied textures, decorations, and colored lighting.
    • There is ample use of ambient sounds.
    • Guards are mostly well placed. Ghosting this will be a challenge.

    Possible improvements:
    • Try to add more verticality to your next mission. Time For Change is mostly built on one flat surface.
    • Try to make the environments a bit more believable. Some of these buildings are just boxes connected by corridors.
    • Some AI are placed in buildings which they do not fit in. For example, the City Watch is patroling inside one of the warehouses.
    • There is guard journal in one of the warehouses that uses the Hammerite holy scripture background.
    • Some of the journals contain spelling errors: "He has been hear two years and haven't spoken a word."
    • A journal in the police station mentions the seven deadly sins. That is a Christian concept and does in my opinion not fit into the world of Thief.
    • I would appreciate a page for ingame notes on the map screen.
    • The walls next to the tiara atop three crates in the warehouse area need some brushwork. There are weird gaps between them.
    • If you wake up sleeping guards, knock them out, and then them drop them to the floor, they float slightly above the surface.
    • You can shoot a rope arrow to reach the top of some boxes next to where the second spider bot is parked to reach the ceiling of the mission.

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    That "possible improvements" list is very useful for the future, thanks!

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    Oh this is a really great FM for your first try! I enjoyed it alot. Great to explore and a nice little story. Definitely one of my favourites of this contest

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    Here are the voting comments:

    Straightforward, simple little mission.

    Very basic, linear

    Is this an author's first mission? I think it is.
    Technically the mission is boring and bland but that is totally Ok for the first mission.
    I have a question about logical part: why the taffing hell should we go through the police department?!

    Very shoebox mission, yet it is still enjoyable in terms of gameplay.

    Mission by beginner, probably. Simple design and quests, nothing that stands out in any way.

    Good first effort. The areas are mostly well designed despite a few roombrushing errors, and the guard placement is very good. I think the layout could have been improved a little (the only route to certain places is to go through specific buildings), and the story could use some more development. Still, it was a fun mission to play and evokes the early era of fan missions in execution.

    The design may be simplistic and the layout may be fairly linear, but there are several moments of fun gameplay scenarios that show this new author has lots of promise.

    Clearly the weakest mission in the contest. It's clearly a beginner's mission and it can't objectively compete with the big guns present - but at least it was playable and had no major errors. It's like a good foundation - the author should build on it in future missions.

    Definetly a begginer mission. Very linear, but not overly irritating (unless you want to ghost it). I like, that the author tried to use many ambients throught the mission, maybe some out of place but still a nice touch.

    The map layout is extremely linear, often nonsensical, lacking verticality and devoid of complexity. The very first area feels more like a gauntlet with how it mostly consists of a series of straight pathways. The writing is of very poor quality, juvenile and full of errors. There's some issues that affect gameplay, such as not being able to fit through the hole in Warehouse 1 that opens with the secret switch. Also, it's VERY short and lacks a map. That said, the placement of loot and secrets was surprisingly decent, making exploration feel very rewarding enough. There's some potential, but there's a long way to go.

    It's not terrible but it is way too linear. And it is way too easy. The only challenge is ghosting if you play it on expert, but that's pretty much it. The objectives are not interesting and there is no story at all, nor any interesting text to read. The fact of going through a police station doesn't make any sense at all and it isn't especially fun either. The atmosphere is nice but it has nothing interesting to look at either. Overall, it's an OK mission for a really beginner player, but it's kind of poor.

    I enjoyed playing this mission even though it was not the best graphically and in other ways. Looks very much like a first effort by the author, and it bodes well for this person's future, more experienced missions. I loved the guard sleeping on duty on the mining cart. And the secret skull-worship room. I also enjoyed figuring out the best way to disable the various gaurds in the warehouse area. I hope this author continues on to make more missions.

    Very obviously a first mission, with extremely basic level layout and gameplay. Nonetheless, it all works, no major bugs.I think it was the author's first mission, at least it feels like. Unnecessarily high interiors and unnecessarily long hallways with nothing in them. Odd brightness in some areas, one time I was surrounded by dark environment and I was still clearly visible, while other times I was hidden in darkness when the hallway I stood in was lit. Too many guards in some areas, while others are left unobserved. The story also doesn't make much sense, why would you have to crawl through a police station to get to a city district?

    Simple FM, well builded, nice work. Died in the basement of righteousness. Mine well placed

    The story wasn't bad. What I didn't like too much about this mission is the fact, that it was overly linear and mostly expectable.

    Nice little mission for the author's first attempt.

    Sorry, in my opinion, it was pretty boring architecture overall and too straightforward in terms of the general gameplay (except for a switch and the loot finding). If I was a warehouse owner with that many guards (I was playing at hard difficulty); I'd replace my workforce with Mechanist robots, too! Decent for a first release.

    A perfectly acceptable first mission, though it doesn't really stand out, either. Some entrances were blind in a way that was frustrating - they were in the light and you couldn't judge what was on the other side before stepping into the light. I look forward to the author's future missions.

    Lord Taffer was the only new author in this contest and in just a couple of months of Droming manages to produce a half decent first mission, if a bit basic in plot and design. We look forward to his next mission.

    Very solid mission. The gameplay was straightforward, but with enough variety with an interesting story. The guards patrols were predictable and despite their abundance on Expert, they were easy to elimininate.

    Time is the appropriate word to include in this mission's title as the entire mission is about timing. And that's not a complaint. Seemingly simple the player has to time certain moves exactly to the movement of guards or other characters. Maybe it was a bit too linear but I enjoyed playing it.

    This mission has mostly basic, blocky architecture and fairly straightforward gameplay but I still enjoyed playing it. Nicely harks back to the OM gameplay.


    It was easy to see this was a 'first time Dromeder' mission, but don't take that as a negative. A great deal of this mission felt very classic 'early days of Dromed' and hit me hard in the nostalgia. I eagerly await further missions, particularly if my 'lemme see what's over/up/around/under there' continues to reward me with tucked-away loot at least occasionally, as it did here.

    Rather plain and straightforward mission.
    Very simplistic in terms of architecture. Locations lacked distinctiveness – there was no really clear-cut difference between say, a mansion and a warehouse, etc. Used ambient sounds were okay, but perhaps there could’ve been a bit more of them around. The mission was structured like a long, straight tunnel, leaving few choices for the player. It focused on good ol’ classic stealing while avoiding the guards, but their number was obviously outrageous. Fortunately, there were also many places set perfectly to hide in. Actually, I believe this mission would make a really nice training ground for novice taffers to practice moving around without causing alarm. For seasoned players, though – it’s back to kindergarten Still, the loot requirement on Expert was rather high.While you can’t really say there was any deepened story arc, there were attempts to give the locations some depth with readables. Some humor in an FM is always appreciated, yet the texts could have been more (at all?) rooted in what was actually going on around.

    This is a rather repetitive newbie effort, with blocky and uninteresting architecture, basic AI patrols, and not much of interest except the name of the noble whose house you have to rob, who is called “Sir Dicklon”. We have all played many missions like this. As it is, it is more frustrating than entertatining.

    It's a novice-like mission and it's decent. The atmosphere is a bit flat tho... The gameplay is very linear... and the plot could have been better. But there are ideas and gameplay ideas which means that experience will fix all these downs and certainly create a new talent in the community soon or later! Today it's 15/30 but later this will grow up! Carry on!

    There isn't much to talk about Time for Change considering it is a newbie mission, but it's not too terrible and I would love to see more missions from this author. Kudos for participating with their first ever mission. The main issues with the mission are that it's insanely linear and lighting is very so-so. There is no real atmosphere to speak of and the story is nonexistent. Architecture is very blocky and the interiors are too narrow with rooms that usually are either too tall or too low. The warehouse area has many enemies which can get annoying for some people even if I didn't have any trouble, and the rest is a breeze overall.To the author: don't let this comment discourage you, it takes courage to release your first mission in a contest of these proportions. Keep DromEding! Rating: 12/30
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    Only 12/30? It was one of my favourites and it was your first mission? Damn, then itīs even more amazing!

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    I'm glad to hear that you liked it Samantha1!

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    This is a enjoyable mission to do 100% Ghost on expert, no knock outs at all to really up the challenge.

    1 hour 7 minutes for Loot 3602/3815 Pockets Picked 15/19 Secrets 3/3

    Once complete I still had 6 Water Arrows and 8 Moss Arrows remaining, was trying to do it without using any.

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    Finally finished this mission. Yes, it had a very basic and linear and rectangular layout - maybe it would had been better with some alternate routes, like vents, more corridors, balkonies accessible by wooden arrows or even a second floor in the police station. Even the readables could had been be a little bit better written. But I still had fun. There was a lot and high alerted AI; the mission didnīt look empty. And it had secrets, I found them all.

    So I played basically a solid little FM. Thank you and keep working! Everyone, who creates a fan mission, is amazing! Because it requires a lot of patience and time to create one - and this makes for me the biggest part of respect I have of people like you.

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    Thanks for the feedback - suggestions for improvement are always very useful!

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