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Thread: 1 Million Units Contest - Recipe for Turmoil (Jan 8, 2021)

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    I was too busy preparing for my run of Thief 2 at AGDQ, otherwise I would have attempted something. I'm flattered by the guesses, however!

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    That was fun to watch. I was the guy who donated and mentioned fan missions in your run.

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    Well, I'll bite, since Dirk seems to be baiting. After actually playing through it, if you held a bow to my head, I'd guess Melan. But it could still be skacky. I suppose it could also be Squada or Firemage or DrK. But regardless, if it's not Melan, then it's the most Melan-like non-Melan mission I've played, which is a very good thing, so congratulations to the author.

    Suffice to say, I loved it. Even with so many excellent submissions to this contest, this is in my top 3, maybe top 2. Alcazar is still my favorite because it somehow manages to feel so much bigger and its mysterious, mystical flavor is extraordinary, but I can see Recipe For Turmoil being one of those missions I revisit dozens of times over the course of my life. It's a great little taste of my favorite kind of Thief mission, with soaring architecture featuring plenty of connectivity, detailed characterful interior furnishings, and compelling, charming readables. It's short and small (semi-blind ironmanned it on expert in 25 minutes, but missed just over 500 loot), but I didn't mind.

    If it is authored by Melan, I'm relieved to see it, as I was worried he was put off by some of the responses to Rose Garden. If it's not Melan... I guess I'll still worry.

    This makes me miss when all contest submissions were anonymous. It's kind of fun not knowing for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheela View Post
    @Galaer: hey, could you please tell me where to find the key to that "certain" safe ?
    It's located on a table next to a letter in a completely different apartment, so just keep exploring. The letter explains why it's there, but to be honest, I feel it is a somewhat forced non sequitur ploy to explain why it's in an illogical location.

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    A city district with a good amount of climbing and exploring is always right up my alley. I just wish it wasn't over so soon.

    Found all 2512 loot on my first try! *fist pump*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grandmauden View Post
    A city district with a good amount of climbing and exploring is always right up my alley. I just wish it wasn't over so soon.
    That was my feeling - it's a great slice of city exploration, but didn't last very long!

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    Mission, finished in 30 minutes on "normal" difficult, the city area is well constructed , it was satisfying exploring the interiors , the gameplay is very enjoyable and good story .

    This one will receive a positive score from me. Will replay it later on "expert" difficult.

    Thank you for this high quality mission

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    Finished this one and really enjoyed myself through it! Found all the loot on my first playthrough, which is quite rare. This one seemed pretty small though, so I don't think it reached the full amount of units. Proper old school Thief 1 style this. Thanks!

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    This is a cozy city mission, for Thief Gold, and the style is very familiar. Backtracking wasn't annoying because the build is compact, yet it doesn't feel cramped, just the way I like.

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    I replayed Recipe for Turmoil today on Hard (Ironman). This playthrough confirmed by initial impression: a somewhat easy but very enjoyable little City heist which I would recommend to everyone. Finished in 26 minutes, this time with 1992 of 2512 loot.

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    like twisty i assumed it was made by skacky until dirk's post... dirk seems to imply the mapper isn't who we think it is... so i guess melan? but that seems like a safe guess too so i dunno...

    i loved this map even it is small... makes scoring it relative to others challenging... i found 2362/2512... i think i found all the obvious stuff and one secret the one where you rope up then press a switch on top of a bookcase... anyone have a lootlist or an idea where the last 150 might be? thanx

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    Quote Originally Posted by TafferCat View Post
    anyone have a lootlist or an idea where the last 150 might be?
    Off the top of my head, you might want to search the Hammerite tower again.

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    Tightly built city mission with interesting angles everywhere (streets, buildings, rooms). It's quite an accomplishment to have been built this in 10 days (real time)! Although, this isn't the biggest mission or didn't feel as big as some, it's got a very strong atmosphere! Finished with 2217/2512 loot.

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