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Thread: 1 Million Units Contest - Sinister Night (Jan 1, 2021)

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    Registered: Aug 2006
    Location: France (Saint-Gobain)
    Finished this mission in 18 minutes on "normal" difficult, loved the dark atmosphere in the mission, it's the second time in the contest i see this dark fog around the player, i like that. The House offers interesting places to explore, nice ambient music and enjoyable gameplay.

    Than you for this one Terra, this one will receive a positive note from me.

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    Great mission, however, not exactly my piece of pie.

    If I can have a remark: the ambient music (I mean the "opera" like singing) was a bit out of place and a bit too much and too loud for me, and did not really serve the atmosphere purposes well. The full moon, the textures and the darkness themselves would have been pretty enough to create a nice horror atmosphere, and some background ambient or tone would have been enough in my opinion.

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    • Normal difficulty
    • Ironman playstyle (no saves)
    • 49 minutes
    • 1267 / 2267 loot

    Elements I liked:
    • Forced myself to play this without saves at a low gamma level, which made for a scary-good time.
    • This was the first time since the early 2000's when I perceived the undead in Thief as more than an easily avoidable nuisance.
    • The architecture is not too complex, but I noticed the further you progress, there is an increase of metal bars through which enemies can spot either you or the light of your lantern. The intensity of the challenge gradually ramped up.
    • The readables were fittingly disturbing and told a complete story.
    • The mission had what I felt was a perfect length for the somewhat reduced amount of different gameplay elements it uses.

    Could be improved:
    • Hearing the same old undead moans from Thief: The Dark Project reduced the fright factor of the custom enemies. They would be more frightening if they used custom sounds.
    • The credits in the mission info file spoil the surprise that the mission features the "Amnesia Grunt".
    • There is a part in an ambient track when it suddenly picks up for no reason. Every time this happened, I had to wait for the chorus to calm down before I could properly hear enemy noises again.
    • The mission info file credits people, but does not state which of their work was used.

    • Parts of the floor textures flicker.
    • There is a box in the basement that is not solid. It is behind the wall with the cart.

    • The journals are relatively well written. Are these texts original work or taken from Amnesia: The Dark Descent?

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    Location: Germany
    The journals are relatively well written. Are these texts original work or taken from Amnesia: The Dark Descent?
    Yes this texts are original work from me, i wanted a little brutal and horror in words.

    I love Amnesia i have play all 3 Parts also the new Amnesia Rebirth. My idea was to fuse the Thief universe with the Amnesia Universe after Eye of the Gems Shadow and fog i want to build a little Saga and Sinster Night was the begin, but i am not sure to release a Sequel to Sinister Night, fortuni is right this FM is maybe my weakest and i think i work now 100% on Acideus Saga.

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    Just finished the mission.
    What I liked about it:
    Good level design (Nice custom textures and objects, dark atmosphere)
    Nice readables about the story of the haunted mansion
    Despite beeing a dark place it was easy to navigate in the house as the mission was split up in different areas.
    Best part of the mission for me was defenitely the final chase when you collected the artifact. The final chase was very thrilling. I wish more fan missions would use thrilling forced chase parts.

    Things that could ve been improved:
    Enemies where no threat at all
    More scary scripted events that gives the mission a creepy atmosphere (like something falling on the ground, doors randomly opening and far more.........)
    For a scary atmosphere in a fan mission its also good if Garret makes remarks when he finds something creepy or breathe hard or something that makes the player feel his fear.

    Overall I had fun playing it. I was kinda surprised of seeing a horror fan mission by you

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    The ambient was definitely unnecessary and reduced the creepy factor by a lot for me (too "dramatic", too loud). The monsters were not a threat and I wish they'd sounded differently. That being said the mission looked nice and with few tweaks it'd be very close to being quite frightening. Oh and also I would change the lantern to function more like a lantern rather than a flashlight.

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