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Thread: OBS Studio and Permissions

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    OBS Studio and Permissions

    I downloaded OBS Studio and have been recording some game footage on my computer. I have some questions about permissions and other stuff.

    1) Do you need permissions from game company's to put footage on YouTube or Twitch or any other platform. I was going try to record some weirdness in some of my games and put it on YouTube. Also, going to try and record Hammer Skull see through trees again. The other recorder i was using was doing weird stuff when i tried to record so footage wasn't usable.

    2) Is there harsh impact on my computer while recording and playing a game at the same time ?

    3) Any tips would be appreciated as well.

    I watched one video on OBS and the guy said there is a learning curve but seems pretty straight forward to me. I recorded some stuff just to try it out and its perfect footage.

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    Registered: Nov 2019
    Location: Restaurant at end of universe
    Disregard i found it.

    It wasn't Hammer Skull it was God Breaker FM. I can no longer see through the trees. There was a Wine update not to long ago so that must have corrected the issue or the new patch corrected it 1.27c. This is a 3 part FM, and for some reason with Necro Age install caused the screen to switch from 1080p to the original thief 2 screen setting when the game went from part 1 to part 2 of the FM. I switched it back to 1080p and reloaded the game but when i did the screen went black (no visibility). Fresh install with no Necro Age and it works fine now.
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