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Thread: If there is ever a Thief 5 game, what new features would you like to see?

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    If there is ever a Thief 5 game, what new features would you like to see?

    No one knows if a Thief 5 game will ever come out in the near future. Let's just pray for the best for now, but what are some features you would like to see in the 5th installment of the series that Thief (2014) didn't have or was missing from the previous game?

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    i think you mean thief 4,as thief reboot was not thief 4 but a re imaging of thief

    but it made i would like to see magic brought back

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    Oh ok, I bet because of that misinterpretation thinking that Thief (2014) is the 4th game of the series, it messes up the order on how many actual Thief games were made. I still call this game the 4th in the series so it doesn't throw me off, haha! Cool, me too. That would be great!

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    Magic and balloon animals.
    Open world would be nice, a huge grungy City to explore.
    The more you steal from a particular area the more suspicious the locals are of strangers. Richer areas get more guards, less well off areas have vigilantes.
    Bribery system, local snitches/guards can be paid for info or to cause distractions.

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    I quite liked the hub-based design of Thief 2014. When it left you to your own devices it was almost a good game. Some combination of that hub system with traditional gameplay mechanics (free climbing, rope arrows, etc) and a set of mod tools would keep me happy.
    But I think those days are gone for the AAA game industry, so I guess we have to hope the Thief IP gets auctioned off to some eurojank developer that is willing to make that kind of thing.

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    Awesome! Those are great ideas that hopefully one day, we will get another Thief game in the future. This series is good to go away anytime soon. It's a masterpiece!

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