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Thread: Thief 1/2 HD backgrounds

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    Thief 1/2 HD backgrounds

    (I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this, I'm fairly new here.)

    This past weekend I created some Thief 1/2 wallpapers in Wallpaper Engine from images from the old Thief website. For those who don't know, Wallpaper Engine is a cheap program on Steam that allows you to have animated desktop backgrounds. For those who don't have Wallpaper Engine, I have included an Imgur album with the static backgrounds. (Although I'd highly recommend the animated ones, they look awesome)

    I used a neural network to upscale the backgrounds into HD and I used Wallpaper Engine's built-in tools to make them animated. Without further ado, here you go, enjoy!



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    Ooo, I really like the Thief 2: The Metal Age - Garrett one! Added it to my Thief wallpaper rotation.

    If you like red, I made some awhile ago.
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