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Thread: Deep Cover is actually was released as an diffrent game

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    Deep Cover is actually was released as an diffrent game

    So,when i was searching spy game,i found a game named C.I.A Operative:Solo Missions and it gave me some Deep Cover vibes because of the atmosphere.For example i took two mission from the game.First is the casino from the game.It gave me some vibes of dinner date mission.And iraq,it totally haves atmosphere of Bay Of Pigs mission.So ill say,C.I.A Operative:Solo Missions is Deep Cover but in 2001. I know the games are diffrent but they are about spys.What the heck?The games are look like the same!

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    Could we please drop downwinder, mcmike, and kostyabud on a remote South Pacific island, then nuke the island?

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    vocabularies would suffice.

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    waits for the mods to add the supervisor tag to zylonbane name

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    I don't know what that means - is he getting promoted?

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    I think he meant to do some sort of cringe *action* type thing but didnt type in any asterisks so it just looks like an asinine sentence, as per usual

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    Hey ZylonBane, you can just add all those users to your ignore list so you don’t have to see their posts, just like I’ve got you in my ignore list so I don’t have to see your continual trolling. \_(ツ)_/

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    This is going nowhere. Thread closed.

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