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Thread: Episode 4 "Shipping&Receiving" online! Inside at Last - Thief Podcast Megathread

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    Episode 4 "Shipping&Receiving" online! Inside at Last - Thief Podcast Megathread

    Inside at Last - Thief Podcast Thread

    Latest Episode: 4 - Shipping & Receiving T2 OM2

    Episodes by release date....

    1: Taffers Training T2 OM1 >DL>
    2: FM: Seven Sisters by Lady Rowena T2 >DL>
    3: SpeedRun feat. Psych0sis >DL>
    4: Shipping & Receiving T2 OM2

    So here is our Megathread about the one and only THIEF dedicated podcast.

    What's it about?
    In this podcast we try to cover our beloved favorite games from bottom to top, left to right, east - west - north - south,etc. Basically, over the time we try to cover as much as possible from original and fan missions, lore, atmosphere, playstyles, gimmicks, tools, comparisons, details, things we love and hate and so on. You get the idea.

    Where to get it?
    You will find the podcast with all episodes on spotify, iTunes and all known podcast apps under the name "Inside at Last", the RSS feed or you can download/listen to it under the direct link we will post for every episode.

    Who are we?

    Of course we are all thief fans like everyone here and hope to give something entertaining to this amazing community.
    Supremcee (Alex) - Creator and producer of the podcast - He records, directs, cuts, produces and publishes the episodes and by the way thief enthusiast since 1998.
    Nex - Dedicated ghost sneaker, the "nerd" and enthusiast when it comes to details, techniques and technical stuff, also fm author that never released his work so far
    Soth - Long time Thief enthusiast, streamer and a well known guy in the community
    Psych0sis - Speed running expert (even did it in public for GDQ - charity stream),because of speedruns knows maybe more about technical/DromEd stuff and details than most fm creators, no one explains things better

    This thread will be updated for every episode so check it out regularly and please reply. We appreciate every given feedback on specific episodes or in general no matter if it's positive for motivation or "negative"/constructive to help us to improve. If you reply to a specific episode, please mention the title at the beginning of your post to erase confusion.

    We just changed the naming of the episodes since it gets confusing - now it's just the missions title in general. Original Mission have like a T2 (for Thief 2 example) and OM3 (Original Mission 3 example) so it looks like T2 OM3, Fanmissions will be marked with a FM: in front, Missions with an interview style will be a "tafferstalk" episode. Hope this is easier to understand, we suggest to listen to every episode so it doesn't matter

    Enough talking, more listening! And here we go, join us, join us noooowwww! We hope you enjoy it

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    Nice work, my dudes. Very enjoyable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Random_Taffer View Post
    Nice work, my dudes. Very enjoyable.
    Thank you Taffer

    we have a poll now for an FM we should talk about in the near future. Next FM is already planned but after that we shall cover the poll winner. Thanks for the suggestions

    please keep in mind that it still can take a while, depending on the size of the FMs and our private schedules, but we want to make sure we don't ignore/forget your suggestions

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    I'd like to link to it on the front page of thie Thief Wikia. is there a direct link thats not the rss feed I could use?

    e: nevermind, I got it

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    Episode 4 ONLINE!

    It's about Thief 2 - Original Mission 2 - Shipping &Receiving

    important note, we now try to have a 2 weeks schedule from now on and we also changed the naming of the mission...please see the first post in this thread

    You will find it under "Inside at Last" on spotify, iTunes and every podcast app or directly here:

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    Loving it so far!

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    good episode,way better when 1 hour

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    Thank you! Sadly for you, the next episodes will be longer again setting a time limit would create unnecessary pressure that would kill the flow or vibe whatever you wanna call it, in this mission there just wasn't more to talk about, since you're the only one who mentioned the length I think it's more of personal preference. If I remeber right, you're not using it with an app right? of course then the experience is different because as I can see in our statistics, most people use apps like spotify and itunes etc. and they can pause and resume whenever they want/can listen while working out, sitting in public transport, at home whatever. So maybe give it a chance

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