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Thread: Therapy-forum: Tell us the story behind your username

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    Registered: Oct 2006
    Location: USA
    A 3 year Necro on a 12 year old thread? Most impressive.

    Abridged from F#A#(Infinity), an album which really influenced me about 5 years ago.

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    Registered: Oct 2007
    Location: Sydney, Australia
    From a great Midnight Oil song. (That's just a demo recording... the album version is an instrumental on French horns and assorted brassery. Not sure why the switch...)

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    Registered: Aug 2009

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    Quintus was already taken, and I once toyed with the idea of writing a "sequel" to the Bonehoard mission.

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    Registered: Aug 2007
    Location: LosAngeles: Between Amusements
    Well, once upon a time there were two Larrys, a LarryT and a LarryG. Guess which one I was.

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    Registered: Sep 2008
    Location: Deutschland/Germany

    Primary I wanted to register the username "zappenduster" like in the german and french forum, but that failed. So I choosed the short form "zappen".

    Zappenduster is german and means pitch-black or pitch-dark. Just like we usually play Thief ...

    BTW: Is it possible to change the username to that one I primary chosed?
    My FM campaigns Garrett's Young Years XTra, Reunion With Basso
    Want your upcoming FM translated in foreign languages?

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    Registered: Apr 2003
    Location: Wales
    I'm sending you a pm, zappen.

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    Registered: Feb 2009
    Location: Situation's changed, Tom.
    I took my nickname from an awesome little children's game I had on Linux a few years back where you had to make a face for a giant potato. For some reason I thought it was a brilliant game. I think TTLG might have been the first place where I actually used the name.

    After a while nickie kept calling me Spud because she didn't want to write PotatoGuy all the time. So because of her laziness I use 'Spud' as nickname most of the time now.

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    Registered: Apr 2003
    Location: Wales
    I'm pretty sure I've also called you Taters and Tips. It's good to see you back here again.

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    Registered: Apr 2001
    Location: Lost in the BSP...
    No cool story for me either, I'm afraid. Been here off and on since 2001 or so, and before that since about 1999, maybe (under the username Candlemass, then Candlemass-II. Candlemass is the name of a Swedish Goth-metal band)...

    Hit Deity is a twisted around, changed form, of Godsmack (a heavy metal band, if you haven't heard of them somehow) and I just continued using the name Hit Deity here, there, and all over, after it stuck with me.

    I'm also Hit Deity at the Steam user forums, but my Steam name for games is parfocal. Another username I picked up when registering at websites of a more scientific or astronomical type nature.

    I'm now partial to the nickname EbonHawk. I use it primarily now for just about everything. (It's a ship from Star Wars, if you haven't heard of it before.)
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    Registered: Apr 2000
    Location: Sweden
    No story behind it, it's borrowed from a Depeche Mode b-side with the same name:

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    Registered: May 2004
    Location: Germany
    Quote Originally Posted by Azaran View Post
    It must be so awesome to have its own wiki article

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    Registered: Jun 2003
    Location: Sweden
    Vurt is a psychedelic (kind of) drug/portal in the book with the same name by Jeff Noon. Great book! I used to be very interested in psychedelics. Been long since i used though, it's both interesting and scary. I'm too old (and too cool) for drugs nowadays (but most of all, too scared hehe).

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    A Noblewoman's name, sort of like Lady Van Vernon, or Lady Bafford, only I am a taffer, so. . Lady Taffer.
    A friend of mine--the one who got me into Thief in the first place--saw my username and remarked: "So does that mean you taff ladies? HAR HAR"
    Realizing too late that that's easily how my name could be interpreted, I groaned and lowered my face into my palm.

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    Registered: Mar 2009
    Uh, I dunno if I've ever explained the origins. But isn't it obvious?

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    Registered: Jan 2011
    Location: Wild and Wooly West of Ireland
    'Bored out of my tiny mind at work' Necro!
    I'm an early music fan and one of my favourite tunes is a sombre ditty called 'Purgator Criminum'. Roughly translated as 'He who cleanses sins'.
    Purgator is also a popular brand of windshield cleaner. I'm not that clean or popular if truth be told.
    Nice thread this. I read Lady Rowena's contribution and it made me smile.
    Lots of new Taffers here, so why not give us your username backstory?
    Go on. I have 3 more hours until I clock off!
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    Registered: Oct 2013
    I was a big fan of the Dizzy games from the 80s. Must have spent hours playing Treasure Island Dizzy, Fantasy World Dizzy et al.

    So I named myself after the village of Cigam, which appears in the first game.

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    Registered: Dec 2005
    I suck at improvising names, so I just kind of hammered out this incomprehensible guttural.

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    Registered: Nov 2003
    Location: Thief fan since ca. 1999
    You'll probably find mine rather uncreative/boring but I'll share my story anyway.

    So, I was just a teenager and was super into Thief and talked to the owner of a Thief fan site. He told me to check out TTLG and I ended up joining and becoming a regular member. As you can surely guess, "sneaksie" is a reference to something the rat beasts said in the first Thief game, if memory serves. Garrett, well that one is obvious. And well, you put those two words together and it's referring to Garrett being a sneaky person, just in a Thiefy way rather than just a plain old "sneaky" or something.

    Also, to try to be clever/creative/different, I decided to capitalize the 'N' rather than the 'S' in my username. I was not good at coming up with a username but loved Thief and wanted my name to represent the game and Garrett, so there you go. Admittedly, looking at it now I realize just how plan and uncreative my name is.. but everyone knows me as this and I couldn't see me changing it now, plus I don't think it is allowed (is it?)

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    Registered: Oct 2012
    Location: UK
    Mine is simply the sound my blackjack makes when smacked upon some unfortunate AI's noggin. It comes from "bish bash bosh" - an expression of speedy and satisfactory completion of a simple or straightforward task. As I do prefer to sneak around AIs, the occasional act of boshing someone on the bonce is a most satisfying and speedy thing.

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    Registered: Nov 2003
    Location: Sheffield, UK
    Esmerelda Weatherwax ane wytch

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    Registered: Oct 2000
    Location: Spinning off the karmic wheel
    I was rather obsessed with Zen Buddhism 20 years ago. Shoshin, roughly translated, means Beginner's Mind. Taken from Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind by Shunryu Suzuki.

    These days it's a reminder to myself that I don't know everything. Or anything, really.

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