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Thread: Many Thanks

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    Many Thanks

    I know that this subject has been covered before but I decided to open up again under a new thread (moderators please forgive). I have been a longtime Thief player since the early days when my missions all were downloaded from The Circle. I have an abnormally stressful job and I want all authors old and new to know how much you are appreciated. I also want to take a moment to remember some of the talented authors we have lost. This forum and these missions I think represent a safe space in this ever chaotic world. One thing I am always in awe of is how each author has an architectural style akin to any paint and canvas artist. I can recognize different fan mission creators simply at looking at how they created the world I'm playing in and enjoy each and every style. To the newer authors out there thank you. I know sometimes some criticism can be difficult...but new missions are always appreciated. Every author probably starts from somewhere and with each contribution something is being built and appreciated. To all authors veteran and new thank you. I know I am not alone in saying every chance you give us to slip back into The City means so much.

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    A very heartfelt and genuine letter of appreciation, Marlowe45. I echo your sentiments indeed. Like you, I have played Thief since the beginning, where The Circle and Komag's were invaluable. Things have changed since then, including the dark engine and mission authors, but the core of Thief's gameplay remains the same. Thank you to all.

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    dewdrop is alive and well due to you amazing people,thank you very much

    all hail the healing fruit

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    I appreciate your writing Marlowe45 and I strongly agree with you! So, thanks to all of you taffers - keep on taffing and lurking in the shadows!

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