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Thread: Available voice actors

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    I should like to throw my cap into the ring!

    Sex: Yes, please.
    Type of Voice: British/Irish, deep and fruity (can lighten to suit taste).
    Languages: English/foul and abusive.
    Experience: I once had to impersonate a Vicar at a Charity Mud Wrestling event, I have, however, no FM experience.
    Availability: I'm yours anytime, be gentle. GMT, however, and I use celsius, spell colour with a U, and pronounce "research" they way it supposed to be pronounced.

    My show reel is a little rough 'bout the edges, a bit like it's creator really.
    If you like what you hear you can contact me via PM on these very fora.
    Demo Showreel
    Edit: I'm not impersonating any original OM voices in this, Hammer voices are alternatives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Purgator View Post
    Sex: Yes, please.
    I laughed harder at this then I should have

    Anyway I pmed The Phantom but since I didnīt get any answer yet, Iīll include my Information here aswell:

    Sex: Female
    Type of Voice: Girly. High. Iīve been said that itīs rather cute.
    Languages: English/German
    Experience: Zero. I only did some outtakes and send them to 2-3 people that listened to them and said that they are not bad.
    Availability: Usually 23/7

    If itīs a girl/woman that has to be voiced I think I can fit alot of roles. I also like to experiment so Iīm open for anything
    Please contact me here via pm if needed

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    Welcome Samantha and Purgator! I've just added you both to the list.

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    Hello everyone. I'm posting this following a suggestion on another thread. I'm looking for volunteers to create complete voicesets for custom apebeasts (both male and female) for an upcoming project. I need at least 4 custom voicesets, so there's room for everyone. Please be as creative as possible, I'm hoping to add some variety and differentiate each apebeast in my mission. If the idea of creating crazy apebeast voices strikes your fancy, please don't hesitate to either post here or get in touch via PM! Thanks in advance!

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    It crosses my mind that the DEDX01 package contains a nonverbal voice set called Bluemonkey, which you could use for a child ape just in case you don't find any voice actors. The Ogre sound packages might be suitable for nonverbal apes, too.
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