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Thread: Strange bug

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    Strange bug

    I've encountered a strange bug in Thief 2 and I have no idea how to solve it, maybe one you can help out! I have T2 with NewDark 1.27 installed, everything works well, except one thing: buttons don't work anymore. I've done a fresh install of Thief 2 already, reinstalled NewDark, game works perfectly... Except the buttons refuse to work. Am I missing a script? Thanks in advance for the help

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    repatch with T2Fix, make sure the multiplayer component is unchecked.

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    Yea it's likely the multiplayer component. My buttons don't work anymore either and I know I have multiplayer installed. I read before that the multiplayer patch is known for causing issues with buttons in Singleplayer mode.

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    Thank you, everything's back to normal again!

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    Yes, the StdButton script included in the multiplayer OSMs is broken when using the singleplayer executable. This issue can occur when installing multiplayer manually or using an old version of T2Fix. This issue should not occur when patching with the latest version of T2Fix, however, as it appropriately only grants access to the multiplayer script modules when using the multiplayer executable.
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