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Thread: New Vegas mods for a first playthrough

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    New Vegas mods for a first playthrough

    Not that there's much activity here, but I expect some TTLGers either played or are still playing New Vegas. I'm just about to get started myself and was wondering: what mods would you recommend for a first playthrough? I'm not looking for anything that makes fundamental gameplay changes or turns the wasteland into a verdant oasis; basically I'm looking for mods that polish what's already there, tweak it for the better, i.e. the Stalker Complete equivalent of New Vegas mods.

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    Community unofficial patch

    Stutter remover - fixes general Bethesbryo engine problems that have been there since Oblivion

    Better Game Performance - removes unused objects from the game

    Alt+Tab fix (borderless window)

    Purge Cell Buffers

    CASM save system (very useful considering how prone Bethesbryo games are to breaking)

    DARNified UI

    Primary Needs HUD (useful if you're running Hardcore Mode, which you should be frankly)

    Grenade + Melee weapon hotkeys

    Unified HUD project (Needed if you wish to use all of the above UI mods in tandem)

    NMC's High Resolution texture pack

    Bornagain's armour retextures (Book of Steel compilation)

    Enhanced blood textures

    HR Pipboy reskin (works with FO3 too)

    HR lockpick mini-game reskin (works with FO3 too)

    Fellout - shitty orange tint be gone in favour for naturally lit environments. Also genuinely dark nights, making it very STALKER-ish ( Very atmospheric and requires you to use the Pipboy light a lot more.)

    ILO - relights in-door environments. Again, very atmospheric and requires you to use the Pipboy light a lot more.

    Inventory Sorter - Adds category prefixes to inventory items for easier sorting.

    Manual Reload - stops you from automatically reloading every time you empty your guns. Very annoying considering that reload animations can't be cancelled - you're locked into them, leaving you vulnerable.

    Sprint mod -
    Self-explanatory. You can consume AP to sprint for short bursts.

    Bottle That Water - refill empty containers from water sources. Useful for Hardcore Mode.

    Portable campsite - portable camp fire (for cooking, crafting, etc) and a bedroll
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    Thanks! Will give some of these a whirl...

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