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Thread: Thief 2 HD Texture Mod

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gecko View Post
    Try config 3 or disable post processing. It will fix it! High bloom settings + fog in 'life of the party' looks too bright...

    Thanks that worked!

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    Black curtains in specific doors and hatches after Installing HDMod

    I found several points in the Bank mission where I see a black wall /curtain when I open the door to the big hall or the hatchet from the basement / cellar and the hatchet with the buttons to press to open the safe room so i cannot press any buttons with the HD mod.

    and here is the original version without HDMod

    Okay here comes the Big Hall with black wall

    and here without that black curtain without HDMod

    Now coming to the hatchet underground.

    and the Original

    Next point is that Light sources there sill emit light when they should be turned off.

    Here the original

    This behaviour is as an example for the users that continue a mission that has been started before patching T2 and not restarting the mission.
    As I was streaming these level before upgrading I choose to continue at that point and live on with the black curtain and the wrong lighting for this mission.

    So remember after installing you MUST restart the current mission to NOT have similar issues

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    Stuttering + Accidental Upgrade to Extreme Stuttering

    Had a mind to switch from NecroAge to the HD Mod because I felt like the noir feel wasn't doing it for me anymore. I've installed it in the past and had no issues with it, besides the annoyance of having to completely scrub my Thief Gold/2 folders and reinstall to ensure I'm completely uninstalled of it.

    However, I'm now experiencing a problem that I have literally never seen anyone on the net discuss before and I KNOW it's the HD Mod because I've checked with both vanilla and Necroage--this doesn't happen with those.

    Essentially, when moving at certain angles (and it's really wily, I'm not entirely sure of the pattern) there is a kind of "stuttering" that occurs. Now, when I say "stutter", I don't mean an FPS drop or the kinds of stutters I've experienced in Skyrim. I mean a weird sort of tiny "jump" from once space to another, particularly when I'm moving diagonally. I seem to suddenly stutter-jut forwards while moving diagonally.

    This was already a problem in and of itself. However, it somehow got worse and I literally have no idea how. I ended up messing with the NewDark options menu in regards to VSync, nVida, post-processing, anti-aliasing, etc. Then went back in the game and now it's CONSTANTLY stuttering no matter where I move, even after I put all the settings back to normal.

    I know expecting tech help on a 20 y/o game is a bit of a long shot but I really just wanna make this work and I'd really appreciate the help.

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    HD Mod demands an absolutely stupid level of system resources (99-frame grass animations, etc.), so it's probably exceeding your available VRAM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZylonBane View Post
    HD Mod demands an absolutely stupid level of system resources (99-frame grass animations, etc.), so it's probably exceeding your available VRAM.
    That's the thing. I don't have the animated grass and I've got 4GB of VRAM. Furthermore, I've played with the HD mod before on the exact same computer and it never had this problem. The only possible change that occurred is that my computer got bricked in-between the last time I played with it and now, and to my knowledge, my hardware wasn't affected at all--at least it had no problems in literally every other game I've played since then.

    I don't think I'm messing up the installation either. I uninstall Thief G/2 from Steam, delete the file in 'common' to ensure it's ALL gone, then reinstall, install TFix/T2Fix, then the HD mod.

    EDIT: When I say "bricked," I mean it wasn't able to start so I did a total reset. I don't mean it literally died.

    EDIT2: The "extreme" stuttering abated slightly when I changed "d3d_disp_limit_gpu_frames 1 1" to "d3d_disp_limit_gpu_frames 1" but the minor version is still there.
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