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Thread: T2 Fan Mission: Worlds Collide (Aug 2003)

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    Nice mission Jabberwocky

    I really enjoyed the hilarious readables (the TINGS TO DO list and some of the signs in the Trophey Room), the Giant Trolls, and the idea that Basso is watching through Garrett's mechanical eye to see if he completes the KO objective!

    The story is excellent. The description in the readme is a great intro which doesn't reveal anything about the plot, and gives the player no idea what to expect. It really is a surprise when you see the first Orc in the castle. And only after reading most of the scrolls you find out what really happened.

    Good creepy atmosphere as well thanks to the Trolls and Orcs and the tortured prisoners on the walls.
    I was surprised that it was possible to knockout the Giant Trolls by the way, since a scroll indicates that it's only possible to hurt them with fire and acid.

    Further compliments to the original design elements, like the bed elevator, nice statue lights, the electrical chair (too bad it doesn't have any effect on Garrett), and the (auto)map that appears after you mapped a certain part of the castle. And who expects to find a crown hidden in a crate in the kitchen. Brilliant

    On a critical note, also some weaknesses..
    The mission was far from difficult imo, partly because of only one difficulty setting (Easy), and the healing fountain.
    Also the castle layout is quite simple, and there were some things i missed that could've made the castle/mission more realistic (like an iron gate and a double wooden door near the castle entrance, for example).

    But overall, great work for a first mission. I enjoyed it tremendously and I hope you finish the sequel.

    Time taken: 44 min 1 sec
    Loot found: 2072 out of 2507
    Secrets found: 3 out of 4

    A note about the Acid arrows from DEDx, it looks like they need the same fix as the Vine and Gass arrow earlier.
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    Gerhard Eichberger

    I cannot go through the portal. And I cannot find anything in the cellar that I reach by the elevator in use of a "hidden" button.

    What do I have to do?


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    Resurrecting again...and several questions, etc. the two threads I've found and here's what I understand, I think? The only way I can get down to Basement is by jumping over rail, correct? Then somehow frob a switch through some bars to bring the bed down from Green rm..then somehow find a way back upstairs to drop down hole left by bed to end-up in torture room to find Keeper. OK so far? Now, I have been all over 1 & 2 flrs (need to revisit, or not, room to trigger secret/trap to read a book...not really important to me) but also revisit kitchen for crown (although not an objective).

    Also I tried to kill large Troll in secret rm..Acid first then on a different try..a fire arrow but not the two at the same time. No way to figure that combo was the proper I gave up and left him there. Maybe just as well...heh! Didn't figure I could BJ him due to his height..a little difficult to say the least and "no" I'm not an airborne hitter nor care to either.

    Just in case, I'm playing Easy and I thought that was the only choice available...however, for this one, good enough for me. So for now, I'll go back into it and see if I can get a couple of things done while I wait for a reply...which I hope will be forth-coming in the not to distant future. Thank you for any help you can offer.

    EDIT: I managed to get it all figured out more or less. Almost misunderstood about where to find switch/buttons for elevator since I had picked a prison key, I thought I needed to go through that door to find the location...but when I saw Big Badd Boogie Man..I thought "oops" don't think this was the way. The other room bothered me initially due to all the lights and so that's why I didn't think it was the right way...but reading the postings earlier gave me the correct ideas.

    Thanks to all the earlier posters for their tips and to you Jabber for the intriguing game (even though I got nervous a few times while working my way about!). I'll be looking toward trying your next it still forthcoming?
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    stuck with "worlds collide"..

    well fellow taffers..

    I've tried scouring the whole keep... but it seems I cant find the 4th of the four secrets... (of which I am assuming is the Crown of Carmenta)

    anyone here spare a clue?

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    Dóttirin klęšist oft móšur möttli
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    dml to fix the loot count - still not perfect, but better than nothing. You can get 2492 loot.

    DML1//World's Collide//Fix Loot/miss20.mis.dml
    +ObjProp 84 "PhysType"
    "Type" None
    "# Submodels" 0
    -ObjProp 84 "PhysControl"
    +ObjProp 84 "Position"
    "Location" 86.16, 87.49, 96.31
    "Heading" 8000
    "Pitch" 0
    "Bank" ddc3
    -Link 45 84 "Corpse" 
    //+Link 45 -6867 "Corpse" 
    //"Propagate Source Scale?" false
    +ObjProp 59 "PhysType"
    "Type" None
    "# Submodels" 0
    -ObjProp 59 "PhysControl"
    +ObjProp 59 "Position"
    "Location" 78.91, 65.19, 99.35
    "Heading" 0
    "Pitch" 0
    "Bank" 0
    -ObjProp 391 "FrobInfo"
    +ObjProp 391 "FrobInfo"
        "World Action" Move, Script
    +ObjProp 391 "Scripts"
        "Script 0" Trigworldfrob
    Loot List
    Now you may be saying to yourself, Self, I could have sworn a while ago the total loot said 2507 when I started, and that time I died after I got the crown it said 3307. And NOW it says 2992. And while you wonder what is going on, I will be getting some Raid. And the lesson is, make a loot list BEFORE releasing the mission. You just might find a bug.

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    i stuck and i've two problems

    at first i can't find des missing keeper and after this i can't find got dern mind however described

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    To find the Keeper.
    In the turbine room in the basement lean through through the gate and both frob the lever and the button on the wall, this moves a bed in one of the rooms upstairs. You can now drop down into the torture room where you'll find the missing Keeper.

    To find Sir John
    Check the dining room carefully, there's a button on one of the statues that opens a secret door off the dining room

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