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Thread: FMs - Ghost/Perfect Thief Results [SPOILERS]

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    Into the Depths

    First, picked up three coinstacks from the third room on the left. Then, waited for the patrolling zombie to move away, descended to the lower level, and picked up three nuggets. There is a bunch of zombies below, but it’s easy to pass them without any alerts. Next, I can either enter a large furnace or a cistern. I chose the latter. Even though I can hear the zombies moaning pretty loudly here, they don’t hear me dropping into the water, which is good. After a short swim, I emerged in a small mine tunnel patrolled by a zombie. Dodging him without problems, I first entered a hidden temple to pick up two statues and two gold hammers, and then, entered one of the most surreal caves I’ve seen in my life.

    After dropping down into a pool of water, took a tunnel to a strange water structure and picked up a gem inside. Then, entered a flooded cave with a dead burrick. This burrick makes some sounds, but I’m pretty sure that it’s just an ambient loop and that he is not an actual AI. Roped up to a grassy cave and picked up two goblets and a vase; then, took a water tunnel to the haunted mine.

    The Mines

    The first area of the mines is somewhat of a maze that has loud gravel floors and patrolling zombies. Fortunately, there is another way to pass this place: through a long tunnel above. Picked up a fire poker from a mine cart nearby, traversed the tunnel, and emerged in a huge vault with a turntable. This area has several mine carts that start moving when I enter a certain trigger area and crush me if I am in their way. In my mind, setting these off amounts to activating traps, which is not allowed for Supreme. Therefore, I choose a path that minimizes this. Picked up a ring in one of the lower tunnels, but had to skip a nugget worth 50 at the end of the tunnel branching off the turntable: there is no way to enter it without activating one of those mine carts.

    The only way up is by a rope hanging in an alcove near a sleeping zombie. Avoiding an alert from him is easy by simply jumping over his trigger radius. Unfortunately, upon jumping from the rope onto a walkway above, a mine car trap activates, and I’ve found no way to avoid this one. Afterwards, climbed one level higher to the second turntable. To the left is a room full of sleeping zombies, and to the right is a long tunnel with another trap. Neither way interests me. Instead, I roped further up and picked up a gem. Afterwards, took the walkway to the crematorium.

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    The Crematorium

    When we enter the next room, which looks like an arena, three burricks start fighting two fireshadows, and the latter are almost guaranteed to win. This was not a problem to me since I could just watch them from a safe place, but I did need the fireshadows – once they stop searching for more enemies – to stop in a position that would allow me to sneak by. I replayed the fight two times, and on the second one, got a pretty lucky outcome. One fireshadow remained facing away, and the other one died, leaving a fire arrow behind. Climbed the walkway above and picked up the keep key from the skeleton. Objective complete! Next, entered a corridor with somewhat of an obvious puzzle: once we come in, the door at the opposite end starts closing, and there are two speed potions lying around. It’s pretty clear what the player is supposed to do, but I don’t want to drink a potion if I don’t have to. Thanks to Thief Gold’s insane bunnyhopping, I could rush to the door and get in before it closed. There is nobody around to hear me either.

    Emerged in a room with a lot of treasure vases, which are just unfrobbable decoration: most likely, jars with ashes. In the room beyond is a fire elemental, who is a bit of a problem to avoid, especially when getting the tiara. However, having managed that, I entered the living quarters through an opening on the right. The living quarters are patrolled by a few zombies. After a bit of observation, I realized that they often alert to the fire elemental, which is unpredictable and unavoidable. The best I could do is make sure that I do not exploit the situation: wait for the zombies to settle down before acting myself. For example, all doors in this area are pretty loud, so to get a coinstack from one of the rooms, I had to open the door while the zombies were unalerted. Next, picked up a ring and two gold coinstacks from the second level of the room with a hammerite zombie and moved into the apparition-patrolled staircase. Managed to avoid the apparition by using columns as hard cover. Might I add that this staircase looks amazing?

    The Crypt

    Dropped into the skull pit, picked up a gold skull, and frobbed a gold bone to teleport into the main vault. Before climbing up, took a well-hidden purse from a side room. Avoiding grunts from a sleeping zombie was not a problem. Before moving into the next vault, roped up to the very top to pick up two goblets. There is also another gold bone here, which can be used for healing. I don’t need it however.

    The next vault has a circular room with a bunch of statues. These act the same way as mine carts. Upon me entering some kind of trigger area, they rush towards me. To avoid setting them off for Supreme, shot a rope into the ceiling and reached it by mantling a torch. On top of the vault is a small chapel guarded by a zombie. Opening the doors spawns a first alert, so for Supreme, I couldn’t enter it from above either. Therefore, had to skip 30 loot inside.

    Entered the Vault of Callone next. Had to be careful not to step on pressure plates around his casket. Picked up a goblet, which is the last piece of loot in the mission, and Callone’s mask. Objective complete! Picked up the crypt key, unlocked and lock-blocked the door nearby, and dropped the key back. Locking the crypt door behind me, emerged back near the entrance to the keep. Now, I had to lock-block the keep door and return the keep key to the crematorium…

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    Into the Depth… Again

    Fortunately, I did not need to make the entire loop. I just needed to drop the key back in the arena room and return. This also meant that I wouldn’t have to go through the crematorium living quarters, where zombies were probably in a constant first alert state by now. Reaching the arena room and dropping the key went well. It's worth noting that dropping they key does not untick the objective to find it. Going back, ran into an unexpected problem. Firstly, one of the suspended pools was too high for me to jump in. There are a few boulders meant for stacking in the area, but I would need to return them for Supreme, so that was a no-go. However, after a bit of experimenting, I found that standing on even a single speed potion, which was part of my starting inventory, is enough to reach the pool. Still, the potion would need to be retrieved. Therefore, I had to pick it up as I was jumping up, which is tricky but doable!

    The next suspended pool was too high up even with twenty speed potions. However, the area with a strange water structure loops back to the cistern near the beginning. Had to use a water arrow to press an elevator button. Then, flipped the lever opening the door to the cistern and flipped it back, rushing out before the door closed. Finally, locked the compound door and returned the compound key to the ramparts where I found it.

    The Keep

    Entered the keep and closed the door behind me, leaving it locked. The inside of the keep is patrolled by a haunt. Unfortunately, on the top floor, we have to activate six traps, five arrows and a firebolt, to proceed. Fortunately, I was able to do that when the haunt is all the way down at the bottom. As a result, he gave no alerts whatsoever, so regular Ghost remained intact. At last, found the hatch leading down to the underground mansion, which we rob in the next mission!

    - Somehow interrupted the scripted sequence of the guard riding the elevator up and walking further into the pump station. In my mind, this is not a bust since I am not interfering with either of the guards involved: it’s just rigged that way.
    - Zombies in the crematorium area sometimes alert to the fire elemental. Nothing to do with me, so no bust.
    - Had to use a water arrow to press an elevator button going back from the crematorium. Not a bust.
    - Took a first alert from the guard near the staircase leading to the keep entrance area. A Supreme bust.
    - Set off a mine cart trap in the mine area. A Supreme bust.
    - Set off six traps inside the keep. All unavoidable Supreme busts.
    - Skipped a gear worth 50 in the pump station machinery room for Supreme. Have to take a first alert to get the hatch key needed to enter the machinery room from below.
    - Skipped a purse worth 100 in the footlocker behind a guard in the pump station for Supreme. No way to enter that room without at least a first alert.
    - Skipped a nugget worth 50 in the mines for Supreme. Getting close to it sets off a mine cart trap.
    - Skipped three coins worth 30 in a chapel near Callone’s Crypt for Supreme. Entering it from below requires to trigger a few traps while entering from above spawns a first alert from a zombie.
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    Thank you marbleman! An amazing report as always, and I love your ample use of screenshots. I assume Widow's Ire is coming soon then. Haven't played any of the missions in this campaign. Haven't had much time for Thief at all lately, I'm afraid. I have updated the lists in the first post to reflect your report, under Gems of Provenance 1.

    Keep it up!

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    Thanks! Yep, Widow's Ire is coming next week. Missing your vids! Hope that your schedule will free up soon

    Oh, and by the way, if Thief Gold is your favorite game, you just have to play Gems of Provenance. This campaign just oozes that Thief Gold atmosphere and almost feels like an original expansion.
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    I will take that recommendation to heart for sure. Thanks!

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    i got a question, i noticed over many years of playing thief if you save a game,then reload sometimes the a.i. is stuck/not moving,where it can be done in times for a massive advantage,is that allowed?

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    If you do it in order to construct a scenario to be taken advantage of, it would be allowed in Ghost but not for Supreme. Ghost allows engine exploits as a last resort, but not Supreme. If it just happens as a random occurrence outside your control, then you are ok to continue, but it should be reported and described. Even then it could be argued as a bust for Supreme, as methods should technically be repeatable to be accepted.

    I should say though that I've never heard of players trying to get AI stuck through saving/reloading. I would not have the conscience to do so and report it as ok.

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    sometimes closing game and restarting it can happen easier

    also same thing for hostile guards,some sometimes i got a save before they were hostile,so say i mess up and they get alerted and i go back to load a game before they were hostile,sometime they hostile after that load,its rare but does happen.

    and thank you i figured that was the case

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    Game: Thief Gold
    FM: The Widow's Ire

    Ghost - Failed
    Perfect Thief - Failed
    Supreme Ghost - Failed
    Perfect Supreme - Failed
    Time - 33:46
    Loot - 2299/2299 (Supreme: 2149)
    Pockets Picked - 4/8
    Locks Picked - 0
    Backstabs - 0, Knockouts - 0
    Damage dealt - 0, Damage taken - 0
    Healing taken - 0, Other Kills - 0, Bodies Discovered - 0
    Consumables - None

    The second Gems of Provenance mission is another surreal marvel. Gyllus mansion still remains a mystery to me: an underground manor, which used to be a hammerite monastery, which was built near the ruins of the ancient city of Misteria, another precursor city but not the same type as Karath-Din. On Expert, apart from stealing the Widow’s Ire, we also have to nab 1800 loot and find another way out, which basically means getting to the other end of the map.

    Getting In

    The mission starts with us dropping into the aqueduct above the mansion’s courtyard. The aqueduct leads further into the mansion, but it is closed off at the start. The intended way in would be to drop into the courtyard and, in a nearby shed, turn the wheel that opens the aqueduct. However, for Supreme, it would need to be closed again, so this option is not viable. Surprisingly, a more direct approach ends up being the stealthiest.

    There is also a piece of loot down below that I haven’t found a way to take Supreme-clean. The patrolling archer has a purse worth 50 to pick, but the courtyard is too well-lit, and there are four more guards around: another patroller, two stationary guards on different sides of the courtyard, and an archer on the walkway above the gate. Getting this purse is easy for Ghost, but for Supreme, there is no way to avoid at least a few first alerts.

    Slowly crouched along the aqueduct to the main gate. Waited for the archer to start moving away, as well as for the other patrollers to clear out, and jumped over to the walkway. From there, had to duck into the shadow under the stairs quick enough not to be spotted by the archer when he turns around but slow enough to avoid a first alert from the guard near the front door. Next, creep-crouch-strafed to the opposite side of the room and got the purse from the other end of the archer walkway, which was easy enough. Then, roped up the wooden platform, picked up a vase through the bottom window, and roped up to the top one. Inside at last.

    The Mansion

    Before getting into the details of my route through the mansion, I need to note something. A scripted event occurs at a random point in the mission: Lady Gyllus’s personal guard kills a keeper agent hiding in the basement, which can alert a few people around. Then, he heads to the Lady’s quarters, and on the way, he can alert a few other AIs. These alerts have nothing to do with me, so I don’t count them as busts. However, the guards with heightened senses can make some areas tougher to sneak through.

    The foyer is covered pretty well by the stationary archer and the patroller, as well as a few other people who come in here occasionally. However, there is plenty of hard cover, such as the ramps and pillars, so this area is not that tough. My first task was to get all the way up to the Lady's quarters. Dropped onto the ramp to avoid taking damage, waited for the patrollers to pass, and entered the staircase leading up. Along the way, picked the purse off the balcony archer.

    Picked up a rug, a statue, and a pair of opera glasses inside the Lady’s quarters. Also picked up a guardroom key, which is the main reason I went here first. The Widow’s Ire Gem is not here though, as according to an anonymous letter, it was taken back to a nearby cave where it belongs. We will go there later, but first, we have a house to rob.

    Went back to the foyer and ducked into the mansion’s west wing. Avoiding the patrolling servant and swordsman, cleared out several rooms: picked up a vase, a wine bottle, and a ring in the fireplace room as well as three goblets, four vases, and eleven coinstacks from two small studies. Then, dropped down to the chapel on the lower floor and picked up a single coin. At this point, heard the Lady’s personal guard tell someone to “stay alert,” which meant that he had already killed the keeper.

    Picked up two gold candlesticks from the library and made my way to the foyer to get a vase from a small side room on the east. To pass the window guard, creep-crouched along the wall. Then, moved to the other end of the west wing to pick up a statue from the servants’ quarters and a candlestick from the dining room. Had to time the patrollers to get the latter without first alerts. Next, entered the kitchen.

    Waited for the servants to finish their conversation, picked up four goblets from the shelf and a purse off the woman, and entered the foyer once again from the west side to pick up the last vase. Creep-crouching allowed me to avoid any first alerts. Then, went back into the kitchen and took the stairs down into the storage, avoiding the patrolling servant along the way. Picked up four wine bottles and two spice bags and entered the wine cellar. Found the corpse of another thief who tried to get the Widow’s Ire, and took a gold plate near him. Then, entered the basement proper.

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    The Basement

    First, entered the main sewer pipe. This is where I would have appeared had I chosen the aqueduct route. I would also have a chance to actually see Lady's guard killing the keeper. Picked up a nugget above the main cistern and then, sneaked past the angry hammerite into the vents. This guy is so preoccupied with hammering the malfunctioning control panel that he doesn’t even care about thieves sneaking by.

    Having traversed the vent, listened to another conversation between the two hammerites. Once they left, exited the dark room into the corridor. Once again, creep-crouching allowed me to avoid any first alerts while going through a well-lit area. Picked up a gold hammer from the priest’s room and a coinstack from the moneybox in the alcove below the armory. The armory itself holds a bunch of weapons but nothing of interest to me. Sneaked further and eventually, emerged in a corridor patrolled by an archer. On the other end is the door to the guardroom that responds to the key found in the Lady’s quarters. Upon unlocking the door, a bunch of guards run out into the nearby toilet. This episode sure gave me a good chuckle the first time I saw it. Inside the room, picked up three coinstacks, and then, took the ramp leading back to the foyer. Made my way back to the Lady’s quarters, dropped the guardroom key back and went to the upper floor. Picked up three wine bottles and two goblets and exited into the ruins.


    The second half of the mission is a stark contrast to the first one. Misteria is a huge daylight ruin, though story-wise, the daylight is just an illusion created by mysterious forces, and the city is actually far underground. While sneaking through Misteria is more challenging, there is also almost nothing to do or pick up along the way. All we need to do is to get to the other end of the ruins.

    Took a left, and after a bit of climbing, emerged in a small yard with a tree. Waited for the patrollers to clear out and then, climbed the tower on the other end of the street. Had to wait for another opening before moving into the window leading further.

    After traversing a small linear section, found myself under the wall that I had to climb. Up top is a small yard patrolled by an archer, and a spider den. Sometimes, the archer spots one of the spiders, and a small fight happens. This time, he didn’t however. Picked a purse off the archer’s belt and another purse inside the spider den. Then, took the spiral staircase up. At the top, roped even further up and eventually, emerged on another promenade leading into a courtyard with a chalice emblem.

    On top of the emblem is a nugget worth 100 which I have to skip for Supreme. This area is too well-lit, and no matter where on patrol the archer is, he alerts as soon as I touch the ladder. Therefore, moved into the next area, picked a purse off a patroller, and exited the ruins.

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    Sentient Mushrooms

    So here’s where the Widow’s Ire originates from: a huge floating geode that draws the water from nearby underground rivers. Apparently, Lady Gyllus and two of her guards came here to reclaim the gem but do not know how to do it. To avoid first alerts from them, climbed the fence on the right and entered one of the water tunnels. From here, it is impossible to enter the geode, so had to swim all the way around and emerge from another tunnel. It’s very difficult to tell which areas are lit here, so by trial and error, moved closer and closer in. Finally, managed to swim in without any alerts.

    Unfortunately, this is as far as I could make it for Supreme, and for Ghost as well. The chamber with the gem is occupied by four mushrooms that act as AIs. If they see or hear me, they become dimmer and start chasing me around, though they can’t attack. I was able to emerge from the water and get the gem with no visible reaction from the mushrooms, but I also had to drop back into the water, which normally alerts them all. The solution came to mind quickly: shooting a rope arrow above the pool of water and slowly descending in. However, having managed that, I decided to swim up again and make sure that none of the mushrooms changed their behavior, and unfortunately, one of them did. I replayed this bit several times but soon figured out that this mushroom must be facing the water pool, so there is no way to fool him. He doesn’t do anything while I’m still in the chamber, but as soon as I leave, he always starts searching. Therefore, I cannot report this run as a successful Ghost.

    All that was left to do was exit the geode on the other side and exit into the mountains. However, the Lady and her guards could still spot me, so I had to move extremely slowly along the surface of the water. Upon exiting the water tunnel, took the narrow passage out into the mountains, and the mission ended.

    - Got a second or a third (hard to tell, really) alert from a mushroom in the Widow's Ire chamber. Ghost bust.
    - Skipped a purse worth 50 in the mansion courtyard for Supreme. No way to take it without first alerts.
    - Skipped a nugget worth 100 on top of the chalice mold in Misteria for Supreme. No way to take it without first alerts.
    - The four missing pickpockets are either keys or potions that I don't need.
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