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Thread: The Final Crusade 1 (2001) - help!

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    The Final Crusade 1 (2001) - help!

    I have completed the objectives apart from finding Marcus's salery which I think is in the locked room in the celler. I have been all over the place but can't find the key . can anybody help?

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    Highlight here -
    Go to the area marked "Upper Class Suites" on the map. This is a wooden walkway with a few doors opening off of it and also the elevator stops here. There is a ladder leading up to a ceiling hatch. Go up there, over to the desk at the end and look at the wall niche holding books just above and beside the desk. One of the books highlights and it opens a secret cupboard holding the key you need.

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    Finished on Normal in 46 Minutes with 1355 of 2537 total loot. Since their release in the year 2000, The Final Crusade 1 and its update The Final Crusade 1 Gold got mentioned a few times in TTLG recommendation threads, otherwise the missions seem to be a bit overlooked. I played the Gold version today and was surprised but its quality. The narrative is quite good, despite it being one of the many homages to Lord Bafford's Manor. The architecture is almost on par with the original mission and there are many interesting books and scrolls to be found. They reference story elements from Thief II: The Metal Age like the City Watch and the First City Bank and Trust. A small quibble I have is that the mansion is a bit too large for its own good: It can get a bit tedious to search through long corridors of similar-looking rooms. Less would have been more. In the outside areas, it is unusually easy to mantle up to ledges where you clearly are not supposed to be. Several walls needed to be a bit higher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    In the outside areas, it is unusually easy to mantle up to ledges where you clearly are not supposed to be. Several walls needed to be a bit higher.
    Where you playing with NewMantle turned on? There are a lot of older mission that you can nowadays access areas that the author didn’t intend. This of course sometimes has benefits, I can think of a couple of missions that have mazes in them that with NewMantle it’s all too easy to cheat by climbing onto the top of the hedges to easily beat the maze.

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    Yes, I played The Final Crusade 1 Gold with new mantle. Is there a way to deactivate it? I could go back and check if I can still mantle up those ledges without it. The first spot was right next to the starting position: I just stacked two crates next to a piece of machinery and climbed up. The second spot was near the dock: I mantled up a lamppost to the ledge where the oversized crate can be seen.
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    uncomment new_mantle in cam_ext.cfg (;new_mantle)

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    Thank you, Unna. I could still get up the ledges I mentioned with new mantle turned off when I stacked a few crates in front of both walls. Mantling up the lampposts isn't possible without new mantle, and this meant I now got stuck after I dropped down into one of the areas behind the docks where the player normally isn't supposed to go.

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