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Thread: UPDATE: T2FM "The Heart Of Gems: Night Of The Red Moon" v1.24 NewDark "31.10.2016"

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    Quote Originally Posted by partol View Post
    This mission is very under-rated. The map is massive with many interesting places to explore.
    I like climbing/jumping through windows, and I like the challenge of not having rope arrows.
    I enjoyed becoming lost and not knowing where I am.
    The graphics look nice. Not too blurry and not too sharp. The music is perfect.
    Please make a sequel
    thanks, partol, The Sequel is "Eye of the Gems"

    And here is Part 4, with a New Character

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unna Oertdottir View Post
    You don't need to put the gems there. Do you remember the area with the treebeast where you found the a green gem? Climb/jump on the rock (N-O). You'll get to town right away from there
    What rock do I climb/jump onto? I'm looking at the pillar the stone was on. I see no rock around...

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    i am still sad i am not able to play this mission

    and i wish someone would do a play through on youtube and link it so i can see what i missed,only mission i never seen completed

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