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Thread: Thief on Linux (Zorin) help please

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    Thief on Linux (Zorin) help please

    Hi All,

    Any Linux guru's out there ? preferably with Zorin experience.

    A couple of months back I switched to using 64 bit Zorin - it's a variant of Ubuntu aimed at older Windows users like myself, I tried it as dual boot on a laptop first & it looked OK & I've got equivalents for all the applications I need for work.

    I didn't find any showstoppers so I did a fresh install of Zorinos on a new disk on my PC & moved my old windows system disk to a USB enclosure just in case I'd left anything behind I wanted.

    All seems to be working well, very pleased with it, I'm not feeling any huge need to go back to Windows.

    The only thing I'd really like to do, is to get Thief working on this system, I've already got TDM running natively so I'm not suffering to much Thief withdrawal.

    I believe installing Wine would let me run Thief, Wine isn't currently installed, so the plan is to do that then just copy the Thief installations from my old system disk & if copying doesn't work I've still got the CD's for a fresh install.

    As an absolute last ditch I can always install Windows as a virtual machine but I'd like to try Wine first.

    So any advice on installing Wine & getting it to run would be appreciated, preferably a 64 bit version if it's available.

    System specs are Zorinos 15.2, 64 bit, Intel® Core™ i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz × 8 & NVE7 Graphics ( NVIDIA Corporation GK107GL [Quadro K600] ).

    The system used to run Windows 7 pro 64 bit & ran Thief Gold & Thief 2 with no bother & the only hardware change has been the disk.

    Thanks in advance.

    ...And to pre empt all the helpful "Reinstall Windows" or "Use Windows 10" comments & variants thereof - no, not happening, not going to debate it, not going to argue, not interested, it's done, kthxbai.

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    Not an expert myself as I only recenty switched to Linux (Linux Mint 19.3), but I had no trouble playing Thief Gold on it. Just install Wine, it will give you Windows files you need to play the game (and add a C: partition to install it to), I belive there is no need to tweek it. Then you just install Thief as you would normally do (haven't tried copying it, I did a fresh install and patched it up with ThiefFix).

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    It's just a matter of installing the game you wanna play and then TFix (Thief 1 / Gold), T2Fix (Thief 2), or SneakyUpgrade (Thief 3).

    There are Thief 2 and Thief 3 PKGBUILDs for Archlinux in the T2Fix and in SneakyUpgrade threads.

    You should follow windows installation instructions.

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    Zorin seems to be a fork of Ubuntu, so open a terminal and write `sudo apt install wine-stable` or install wine through a graphical package install thingie.
    Then copy an existing Thief install somewhere and again in a terminal do:

    cd /home/yourusername/somewhere (cd = change directory)
    wine Thief2.exe

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    Thanks for the help guys, I now appear to have wine installed and typing "wine THIEF2.EXE" does actually start things, so I think I can sort it from here


    I copied my thief1 & 2 folders into the wine "Program Files (X86)" folder

    I opened a terminal in that folder & ran them with "wine Thief..." & they worked

    So I made a couple of entries in the start menu with the same command but it wouldn't work, after digging around a bit I found it was because the pathname for thief had spaces in it

    To solve this I made a small shell file that cd'd to the right folder & then ran thief, added these to the start menu & it works fine

    Just in time for the latest competition apparently
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