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Thread: FO: NV "will end"

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    FO: NV "will end"

    According to this it won't be possible to carry on playing FO: NV after completing the main quest.

    Considering the stink the same thing raised in FO3 vanilla I'm guessing some of you might appreciate being forewarned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh Sawyer
    I guess if it is really that "impactful," then mods will be focussing on filling out content in the midgame and changing the levelling pace

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    Fuck on a bike. Oh well, I guess I'll just avoid it until I've had my fill of radioactive sand.

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    Or how about, you know, finishing the game and then restarting it and exploring/doing the quests you missed out on the first time?

    That's what I've always done in FO3. Haven't leveled up the highest level once yet.

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    If they can come up with a reasonable excuse to end the game rather than the hamfisted way it was done in FO3, I guess I don't care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by N'Al View Post
    Considering the stink the same thing raised in FO3 vanilla I'm guessing some of you might appreciate being forewarned.
    The stink raised in FO3 was because the ending sucked.

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    Meh, modders will solve this problem fairly quickly. A version of the GECK SDK will be released alongside NV.

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    So what is it? Speculate. A big fucking nuke that wipes out everything? Everybody flies off to Mars and lives happily ever after? The PC has a family and stops adventuring. I can't possibly imagine what is so big that it will stop modders (or later DLC a la Broken Steel) from creating an extended ending

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    I don't see why it would have to be something as big as a nuke going off. Really, just having multiple possibilities for the endings that don't all result in essentially the exact same ending (which is the way FO3 was) could create massive alterations to the city/factions/landscape/etc that couldn't reasonably be accounted for with freeplay. The only reason Broken Steel was possible was because the choices made in the main questline of FO3 could be boiled down to one set of conditions for post-ending play (well, two, but they wussed out on the 'poisoning the water supply' ending).

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