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Thread: Eidos Forums Q&A Sessions Index - new Q&A, #6, Marketing Stuff

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    Eidos Forums Q&A Sessions Index - new Q&A, #6, Marketing Stuff

    They seem to be doing a lot of these Q&A sessions over on the Eidos forums, where they take questions from fans and the devs provide answers shortly afterwards. I figured I'd create a thread and index them here for reference and discussion.


    Stealing Time #1 - Gameplay Mechanics
    Stealing Time #2 - Building A Hero
    Stealing Time #3 - The City Hub
    Stealing Time #4 - Customization/Difficulty Levels

    "Take Five" - random questions about the new game:

    Questions Thread

    Questions Thread

    Questions Thread

    Answers (Deals mainly with XP being removed from the game)



    Topic specific:

    Movement Mechanics
    Questions Thread

    City Hub
    Questions Thread
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    This is quite good of them actually, a real turn-around.

    Be interesting to hear about that City Hub.

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    Thank you Brethren. As always, this will be an extremely useful tool for those of us who wish to keep abreast, but havent the required time to source it out for our ourselves.

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    Thanks Brethren. I've stuck it so I don't have to go searching for it in the future.

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    There's a new Q&A going, they're taking questions through tomorrow morning, so hop to it.

    No answers yet from the City Hub Q&A, they will be released "soon" during one of the Thief podcasts.

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    I think I read podcasts are done at the end of the month, or the friday(?) closest to the end.

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    Podcasts get released on the last friday of every month.

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    The third edition of the Take 5 Q&A answers are up, see the OP.

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    The latest "Stealing Time" podcast is out, including answers from the "City Hub" Q&A from last week, see OP.

    Edit: Apparently the City Hub questions will be answered during next month's podcast.
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    Got everything up-to-date in the OP with the latest Take 5 Q&A and most recent podcast.

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    Up to date now - and there's a new Q&A that will be answered in the upcoming podcast a week from Friday - good topic too - UI Customization:

    Daniel teasing the different ways in which gameplay can be customized in the last Take 5 seems to have prompted more questions than it answered, so I thought it'd be the perfect topic for the next Stealing Time podcast.

    Got a question about UI customization? Want to know how exactly Thief will support different playstyles? Need to know more about Focus, the shroud, skills upgrades, levels of difficulty, etc? Ask right here! On Friday I'll take your questions, lure some devs in a conference room with free Timbits, and sequester them until they give us answers.

    Same rules as usual: two questions max per person, keep it brief, and keep discussion to other threads!
    Ask questions here:

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    With absolutely zero fanfare, Freyja over on the official forums posted Q&A #6, dealing primarily with marketing topics for the new game. Nothing earth shattering, although she did mention there will not be any kind of Collector's Edition or even any kind of physical copy of the game available.

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