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Thread: Dark Souls: The Reexperiencing

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    The four kings might give you some trouble with that build. I find for them full Havel's set, and the Grass Crest shield on your back and lightning buff your weapon and just keep swinging while tanking the damage.
    You should be able to kill each king before another spawns.

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    Bed of Chaos is easy if you know what to do, you can hit the two hands with the bow without getting anywhere close.
    Also if you shoot a bunch of arrows into the center area after the floor falls away, you can clear a path to the end of the fight.
    Good luck, it's a pain to fight.

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    The Four Kings is actually where I ended up stopping my Reexperience. They kicked my ass on my first try, and I ended up drifting off to other things soon thereafter.

    ...really need to get back to this again.

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