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Thread: About Tribunal....

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    About Tribunal....

    I recently downl.... i mean, "got" Tribunal Expansion.... I couldnt wait t see Mournhold, and I had no idea how to begin the tribunal quests, so i went to the console and typed coc "Mournhold" and got to a single room with a door that leads nowhere. At a quick glance in the construction set I saw that there was no error, that was the "Mournhold" Interior Cell. There were others, mournhold temple, etc..........but now i wonder where do I get in them without the console.....i bet it has to do with the quest and that i will get teleported there.....but just wondering, will the entire mournhold be a interior cell ? is there no exterior to it? And also, I didnt find Sotha Sil in NPC's or Creatures! HELP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by newmorowinder View Post
    I recently downl.... i mean, "got" Tribunal Expansion
    Sorry, we're not allowed to provide help to people who download instead of buying. Forum rules, you know.

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    Man, chill, its a joke. If i had downloaded a game, i had downloaded bloodmoon as well dont you think? I was kidding.

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    You need to rest and sooner or later after resting, you will be attacked by an assassin or assassins. Search them and follow the leads. Eventually it will lead you to Mournhold.

    Glad the download thing was a joke. The truth is yes its all interior cells. You will be in Mournhold and its underground environments. You will get exterior cells in bloodmoon. As for Sotha Sil, hes in the Mournhold expansion but you need to play the game instead of trying to Have fun!

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    3 days later

    All right, now I know why I didnt find Sotha Sil.... he is no longer a creature nor npc. He is a Half robot thing! DAMN! Now I can NEVER Have the souls f the 3 tribunal! Only almalexia, and Vivec, if i decide to kill him... And a long time ago, i asked why people didnt talked about Almalexia (if i use filljounal in morrowind only). Along the almalexia quests i got some clues.....
    1.- For a benevolent god, she created (that means I) an ash storm (didnt matter to her, she never leaves the temple);
    2.- The King said that the Fabricators were of God Origin;
    3.- I downloaded a mod that "gives mournhold a lively sense after we kill almalexia"(this was the biggest clue)

    ...I wonder if the end of the world cult is over now...... getting back to mournhold!.......WAIT! How do I leave Sotha Sil? Im trapped!!!!!

    But, for when I return, i need info:
    1.- Do the High ordinators get mad if I wear their armor? Or the one of a normal ordinator, and vice versa?
    2.- Do Royal Guards get mad if i wear their armor?
    3.- Can i kill the guy in white robe(the leader of the cult thing)

    And an issue as come. I found the HQ of the Dark Brotherhood and killed their assassins..... Except one : Dandras Vules!!!! He is a lucky guy! If i kill him, the dialogue window pops up and an INFINITE "Who's There?" sentence apears and keeps going! And I cant hit the RED goodbye sign. And if I try the YELLOW goodbye sign, doesnt work.... HELP... I think that if I cant kill him, the dark brotherhood quest will never end (doesnt realy matter though, they havent atacked me since I got to mournhold.

    Mournhold is an astonishing City! The City of Light! The City of Magic!

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    Oh, and By the way, why is vivec half dunmer, half chimer?

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    Check her body for a way back. As for the other questions I'm not sure. I believe I heard that all you can do is sell ordinator armor and always get attacked when wearing it. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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