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Thread: Oblivion Mod: Nehrim (German)

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    Oblivion Mod: Nehrim (German)

    Windmills, tropics, airship, etc. Looks like I might have a reason to play Oblivion again.

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    i go on the site they sayin german

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    They be talking english now too.

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    I spent a few hours playing this now. A few impressions:

    Hate the beginning/tutorial. Reminds me of Arx Fatalis. It's also completely and utterly on rails, with multiple scripted sequences that either take control away from you directly, or bully you into a specific action. It's also about twice as long as it needs to be. I encountered multiple bugs in the first 10 minutes, including friendly AI falling to an inaccessible place, gettting stuck from clipping problems, and written material that hadn't been translated into English.

    The outside world looks real, like places you might see when you go hiking or camping. Completely blows Bethesda's efforts away.

    When the Read Me file talks about poor performance in one particular place, they ain't kidding. Talking with one of the NPC's there reduced my frame rate to about .5 FPS. Luckily that seems to be the only problem spot so far for me.

    The voice acting is consistently outstanding, and the subtitles are well done.

    There are a number of notes and books after the beginning part that haven't been translated.

    The UI seems to be some variation of BTMod. For some reason it insists on reverting my inventory to an icon view regardless of how many times I tell it to use list view. I'm not a fan of the squinty little font that they used for onscreen messages.

    The setting/story is a good one; it's not a generic FRPG plot. It has its own "feel". Although I haven't progressed very far along it, I get the feeling that the main quest is going to force some game changing choices at some point. Some of the side quests are refreshingly different from the usual fetch/kill routine( "Help! My head is stuck!" ).

    The gameplay mechanics are different enough that they'll take some getting used to.

    So far all of the settled areas that I've been in have been part of the main world space rather than in seperate space that requires going through a city gate to get to. To me that's a big plus.

    Overall I rate this as being good enough that I'd buy it if it were a commercial game.

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    Thanks for sharing your first impressions, I think I'll try the mod sometime in the future as you made it sound rather interesting. some bugs are to be expected and these ones seem like something they can easily fix with an update or a patch.

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