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Thread: Collectors Edition?

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    Collectors Edition?

    Does anyone know if there will be a collectors edition version of Skyrim?
    I got a sort of collectors edition of Oblivion (it came with a map of Cyrodiil).
    But I absolutely LOVE that map. It's only small, but having Cyrodiil on my wall...I drift into a dreamlike state just looking at it

    Anyway, I'd love it if Skyrim came with a map also.
    And maybe even in an attractive box (Like the AC: Brotherhood Collector Edition)

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    The Architect
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    I'd say it's extremely unlikely that there will not be one.

    Collectors editions have become fairly industry standard these days.

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    is Best Pony
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    And they nearly always sucker me into buying them, the swines.

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    ...and I truly hope that the map they include will be of Morrowind quality. Because that one had so much detail that you could even detect various minor sites, down to caves. Contrary to the Oblivion one. A brown paper with a few lines and words on it. That really had me disappointed.

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    The Morrowind map had pirate treasure on it too!

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    I bought the CE of Oblivion, and I liked the Pocket Guide to The Empire. I rather enjoy Elder Scrolls lore. Skyrim takes place 200 years after the end of the Third Era, so if Skyrim's CE contains something similar with a bunch of new lore to digest, I might go for it. Otherwise, perhaps not.

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    This has probably been covered already, but I'm wondering if a Construction Set is going to be included with either the regular or Collector's Edition of Skyrim? I've loved creating my own homes both in Morrowind and Oblivion, so a Skyrim CS would be a plus.

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    is Best Pony
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    RPS has quoted Bethesda as saying that modding is fully supported, in the form of the Creation Kit. “We’re really big into the mods on the PC. Hopefully day and date with the game, but there might be some slack there".

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    Good news indeed! Thanks Matthew.

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