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Thread: Banning SubJeff is ridiculous.

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    Banning SubJeff is ridiculous.

    SubJeff has been here over 21 years. You get to know someone a little, even if it is only on the Internet.

    He's not an arsehole. He's not an idiot. He's not spouting right-extremist nonsense or not left-extremist nonsense. He's not defending a fascist like Trump. He's not a QAnon follower. He wasn't calling people names. He's wasn't trolling. He didn't stink. He didn't make funny faces. 21 Years. Does that count for something?

    Banning SubJeff permanently is fucking ridiculous.

    You could have given him a one week suspension or something. Or a month. What did he do? He didn't even use the word "emotional". That were other posters, who used that word. Banning him on a wimp is emotional. (FYI I have no idea who banned him. Al_B maybe? I have no idea if Al_B is a man or a woman). SubJeff mentioned cancel-culture. I have no problem with cancel-culture. For the oppressed, it is often the only thing they can do. Sometimes it's a bit over the top, but who cares if a powerful person get cancelled for being only a regular cunt, and not an utter cunt. They'll survive. Banning SubJeff for what he said yesterday looks to me very much like a weak form of cancel-culture. Ironic.

    There have been other posters who have said much more terrible things. Tony_Tarantula trolling for a year now that he is a converted libtard. Dethtoll who made these forum unbearable for many years. Still here. Still making personal attacks, asking for people to get banned. Niels Bohr with his slimy posts, never responding to others, only making new dumb statements to distract from what he said earlier. Heck, just 2 weeks ago, when I claimed the US is ultra-conservative and ultra-capitalist I was called an idiot to my face. And not in a fun and friendly way. You didn't ban ZylonBane. (Note, I don't care what people call me on the Internet). SubJeff did nothing special that doesn't happen here all the time.

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    You may disagree but this isn't a discussion to be had here.

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