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Thread: ☣ Coronavirus ☣

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    I can't cite studies but on the ground, this is exactly what nurses and infectious disease teams I communicate with are seeing, particularly on cardiac and pulmonary wards. My wife has personally treated about 12 patients that were infected twice, and the second time was a variant. Most did not survive, but granted, they were older people with underlying health conditions. Also worth mentioning that Mount Sinai's research programs are generally trustworthy, particularly in the area of infectious, genetic, and environmental diseases. I'd still like to see other confirmations of this but the credibility of MS makes me inclined to think other studies will find much the same thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zomfg1234 View Post
    An overwhelming majority is immune to the virus at this point.
    LOL, are you trolling?

    There's no lasting immunity.

    If we can't eradicate the virus (vaccines, isolation), the virus will eradicate our lifestyle. Forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fett View Post
    I'm finally catching up on this thread and feel like I have enough context to comment. A) because my wife has now worked on Covid units at both Penn State on the east coast and at John Muir on the west in the bay area, both in counties that were at least once determined to have the most cases nationally per capita, and B) because of my work in the transplant community and subsequent interaction with infectious disease experts at Penn State, Tufts, The Cleveland Clinc, Mayo (MN), Dartmouth, and now Stanford. So I'll just speak from boots on the ground experience, and the converstions I've had with some of the actual folks who've consulted on the patholgy of the disease with both the CDC and the WHO and maybe help dispense with the hypothesiszing and conspiracy theories.

    * zomg has called it a 'hoax' several times -a phrase and conspiracy theory originally spewed from the lips of Donald Trump and his merry band of sychophantic naziesque minions that has done nothing but make it twice as hard for healthcare workers to do thier jobs. I won't bore everyone here with life story but most will take it as a matter of course that I'm connected to nurses who've migrated across the country since my stay at Penn State. They've largely been eyewitness to the severity and the body bags that mark the spread of Covid. The notion that any of this is a hoax is both ignorant and myopic and springs from nonesense media and political agenda.

    *I also won't bore you with microbiology but the pathology of Covid in and if itself dictates that its transmission and survival is will cause rapid and widespread infection. It's an RNA based virus capable of creating its own mucus membrane -literally as the situation calls for, and its design allows it to bypass certain systemic safeguards and attack a little understood cluster in the body's T-cell that - in layman's terms - paralyzes the immune system. This sets a dozen other Bad Things into motion. It also makes it, and the degree of infection in a population anything but the "typical endemic" whatever scientists may have originally thought. I know all this because I've been on a team responsible for educating the transplant community in several states about risk factors and survival rates - numbers and data dervived first hand by studies at Stanford, Harvard, and BYU, independent of government funding or involvolvement.

    *My wife's current hospital in the Bay area just releases it's last Covid patient this week. She was the admitting nurse for Penn State's first Covid patient last Febreuary. Flu seasons and 'endemics' don't last that long and she had the misfortune of seeing both ends of it. The deaths horrific and unlike any flu or virus related codes.

    *In the aftermath of surges, trauma units she's worked on have dealt with unexplained strokes, annuerisms, brain bleeds, flash pulmonary edema, cardiac infatctions, paralysis, and tumors in Covid survivors, which has put tremendous strain on these units outside of dealing with direct Covid cases. Flu and influenza strains do not cause thisn, especially in infants and people under 50.

    On a personal note, it's hella distressing to find people still banging the conspiracy drum after 14 months. There is no more election-based reason to maintain a farce and the assertion that the severity has been exaggerrated is an insult to the healthcare workes who have sufferd and died while these armchair analysts sit around pontificating their bullshit theories. More bluntly, if my wife were to hear someone blathering some of the stuff that's been postulated here, she would probably kick some people's asses in an ill-advised attempt to beat some sense into them. She's exhausted from that crap. It'a also an insult to immune-compromised people like me who've stayed safe behind locked doors, sepatated from our own families for nearly a year while this hoax narrative has prompted protests against healthcare workers and elicited signs that say "let the weak die."

    Your words have an effect. I take strong exception to your cock-a-mamie theories and faux-intellectual garbage assertions of hoaxes and conspiracies. You are objectively, factually wrong and have made my situation and the work of people I love and trust harder than they could have imagined by virtue of supporting and spreading lies and misinformation. It's personally offensive on every possible level.
    Thanks man.

    But as you can see here too, a lot of people DOESN'T WANT to hear the truth, they want to hear "IT'S A FARCE, IT'S A TRAVESTY!!1111 GLOBAL RESET PLAN!!!111 IT'S A POLITICAL PLOT".

    The virus thanks everyday these stupid guys thinking so high of themselves. They're actively dooming their beloved world.

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    Paging Sulphur...
    If you're still lurking around, what's happening there? It looks like somebody shifted R0 into overdrive. You worried?

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    Not having the mental capacity to really remember where anyone is from - so, just went to check the weekly stats to see if i have missed something ... some heavy spikes there ... and India. Now that IS rather worrying.

    They have the pop count/density that can sustain that ramp up of cases too :/. Is it real or just ramp-up of testing? Google tells that things are as bad as they seem to be. Anyone know what is going on there?
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