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Thread: Announcing Thief: The Black Parade, a campaign for Thief Gold

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    Excellent work! Looks like a commercial project!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skacky View Post
    To celebrate, we decided to share quite a lot of media today, starting with this incredible poster made by the one and only Dominus! You can also find below the intro video made by Mensch as well as 8 brand new screenshots and 4 briefing pictures!
    The intro and shots look fantastic fella, I am looking forward to this with glee!

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    One word AWESOME

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    Looking forward to playing it

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    Canīt wait

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    Interesting - I didn't expect this to (appear to be) about the Necromancer faction. Maybe that Thief 2 gold level is -kinda- finally getting adapted, just as a whole Thief 1 campaign?

    Very excited! Can't wait to hear more.

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    I am hyped.

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    Nice to meet you, hyped!
    I'm anticipating.....

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    Sounds like it's almost ready

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    Not quite. We're getting closer but there is still a lot of work to be done.

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    Thief: The Black Parade

    Oh people, I am speechless. I can't believe this is happening. Fist of all I wanted to see new media. Honestly I can write you are very talented people, level design is extraordinary. What a attention to detail and all twisted pathways like in medieval times was - indeed. This production is the best I've ever seen, It reminds me of classics like: Original Thief, Calendra's Cistern T1 FM, Bloodstone Prison T1 FM and many other great FM's. I've been follow this project over the years since initial announcement and you really made my day. Thank you

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    This is gonna be fun...

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    This looks totally awesome!

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    Really looking forward to this one

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