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Thread: Goblin base, Idol quest

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    Goblin base, Idol quest

    Hi all!

    So, I think I have the goblin base pretty well figured out, while I'm questing for the idol - everyone still likes me.. I fed the king the wine pie, he yelled and opened the vault, I found the code under his bed, opened up the rafters passageway using the code. So now I've discovered three chests, all of which seem to be too difficult for me to pick. The one red one in the downstairs vault near the entrance, and the two other chests in the upstairs room with the gems and coins after you walk across the rafters. There's also the rune on the rafter on the opposite side of the room I can't seem to get to. At one point I saved the game and killed the king and got all his keys, which undoubtedly would solve a lot of issues, but I've restored my game since then - I'm assuming there's another, "better" way to find the idol without taking the killing spree route.

    Anyone kind enough to enlighten me?


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    the one u want is the red one downstairs near the entrance (it was guarded by a guard.)

    to open it... get the key. i believe it was
    in the headmasters room. you know, the guy in the barracks who is always complaining about the king.

    if u still cant find it:
    in his room... its under his pillow

    then u will get teh troll idol from that chest. there is also something under the kings blanket, i dont remember what

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