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Thread: Where is all the mithril located at?

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    Where is all the mithril located at?

    I found a chunk in the Dwarven area, is the rest down there and where?

    If not then I will just simply move on and you do not need to answer.

    Just tell me if the rest is down there.


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    Yup its all down there. But the mithril you're after is kinda hidden and tricky to get. You must look low and high to find it.

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    you found a chunk of metal i assume. chunk of metal and chunk of mithril are 2 different items

    afaik, theres only 1 chunk of mithril, and its a big chunk that gets broken into 4.

    you find it in the dwarven mines, in the deepest part of the mine. once there, you have to climb up those wooden raptors and ladder think , it is in a hole in the wall

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    Not to be an azz, but I can read...

    I found the mithril and didn't know to crush it.

    But I figured that part out after being sent on a wild goose chase.

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