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Thread: Need hints...

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    Need hints...

    I'm on the sacrifice quest, where the king wants me to solve/kill the ppl that makes sacrifice, but noone knows anything about anything! Where are they, and what am i supposed to do?

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    Maybe you should investigate why the murdered astronomer was killed, maybe he had some important information somewhere .......

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    You should really talk to the astronomers friend. You just might be able to find him by going through the library into the alchemist's room. Talk with him.

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    I'm also on this quest - I was told by the snake-woman to investigate the murder victim's chambers and labs in the castle, and I've entered the slain astronomer's prviate quarters only to find a locked chest none of my keys will open and a strange set of runes (a puzzle, I presume) on the wall behind a curtain. Could somebody possibly tell me how to solve this puzzle, and how to open said chest?

    Thanks very much for any help you may provide!

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