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Thread: Help with Shany quest, please.

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    Help with Shany quest, please.

    I got to the area with a force field on level 4 where I think the note left by the kidnappers states is where to meet the others. I don't see how to get through this part because the guy inside is like the agents from "The Matrix". Moves too fast and I'm out. Am I supposed to sneak past him? Do I need to deal with this area before moving on to the lower levels? I took care of everyone in the cult's hideout except the blind priest and what's past both the force field and the room that looks pretty nasty with body parts everywhere. Can't figure out what to do in those spots.
    I found two ways to level 5. One with trolls and one with the sisterhood. I have the necklace from the lonely troll so I guess I can go see their area, but the sisterhood is out for blood.

    Brad S.

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    If you look on your map, the serpent room is at the bottom left.

    In the middle of the serpent room there's a huge pillar with a huge (stone) snake wrapped around it... if you stand in the shadow of the pillar, the priests should appear...

    If you'd like to find Shany alive and well, you should wait until all priests have entered the hidden temple. If you disturb the priests before that moment, Shany will be killed. (Took me a dozen tries to figure that one out; Shany lying dead on the altar is NOT a pretty sight)

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    Thanks. I'll give it a try in a while.

    Brad S.

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