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Thread: Get learning GIMP!

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    Get learning GIMP!

    GIMP is a free graphics program and it's quite powerful, and there are many plugins. It can deal with loads of image formats.

    Some time ago I decided to see if I could use GIMP instead of PSP, the idea being that if I couldn't achieve some effect in GIMP, I'd do it in PSP. I never had to use PSP. GIMP's interface is a bit odd at first but you get used to it, and you can customise it.

    So if you want to edit images and don't want to spend money on PSP or Photoshop, get learning GIMP!

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    I wholeheartedly support the use of gimp. It's what I used for creating textures and skins for my missions. It' incredible powerful, and free.

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    Agreed. I have never had to go back to PSP since making the switch. Plus, no bugs or crashes like I dealt with in PSP. There's no better feeling than being able to "flip the bird" to software slaughterhouses like Corel.
    - eep!

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    I use GIMP all the time. I much prefer Photoshop but GIMP is fine for most things.

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    I use GIMP under OS X, but under Winodws I prefer Paint Shop Pro. I'd use PSP under OS X, too, if it was natively compatible.

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    I thought this thread has more replies, but anyway, an update after 9 years.

    We can control sliders (e.g. brightness and contrast) with click and drag. There are two ways: fine control but only for a small range of values, or coarse control but over the full range. The cursor shows us which one we'll get (double left-right arrows for the former, single up arrow for the latter). For years I thought there was either no pattern (or an obscure one) to knowing which one we'd get, but only recently I spotted how to go it properly:
    See the last image on this page:

    Put the cursor in the top half of the slider for full-range control, and in the bottom half for fine control.

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    Would you recommend Gimp over irfanview? I've used both irfanview and an old version of psp because each one had a feature that the other didn't have.

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    They're two very different programs. Gimp is more like an alternative to PSP, Photoshop and other 'drawing' programs. I.e. it has brushes, layers, paths for drawing, etc.

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    Ok I'll have to download it tonight. I still need to retire my psp 3.0

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    WTF, you should be using PSP 7. Version 3 doesn't even support layers!

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    Yeah but 3.0 was free. I thought about getting the latest version a few years ago but the psp I had plus irfanview did everything I needed them to do.

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    ya gots to have layers though, back to GIMP with ye!

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    I used filters on Photoshop years ago but I don't have it abymore. Irfanview has a minimal set of drawing tools but not nearly as much as psp or Photoshop.

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