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Thread: T2 FM: A Thief's Holiday 2004 * UPDATED Dec 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostly View Post
    Merry Christmas Yandros! this mission sets the mood great! managed to do all bits but find that one last cookie.
    Is the one missing the one behind a tree outside?
    That one gave me the most trouble ;-)

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    Yes it was, the one behind a tree got me, got too used to first search in the most unlikely spots, it was so obvious and in plain sight that I probably walked past without noticing it for some reason.
    Even finding one of the gems inside a cabbage I did without looking for external help, as I thought maybe I needed to fix the food up somehow.

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    The knife is what gives me the hardest time. I can never remember which exact door frame outside it is in.

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    I get a message from the one location with the version 3 that the archive is corrupted, somewhere else to download this?

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    Which one said that, DarkFate or SouthQuarter? Have you tried the other one?

    The file on SQ appears to be corrupted. The DarkFate link doesn't work any more, but it lists several links for the mission if you navigate to it. I downloaded the ZIP from Taffers Paradise and it tests as good in 7ZIP.

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