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Thread: T2 FM: The Chain Project (3/31/2007)

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    12 years later but I've discovered the cause of the severe lagging + CTD in this mission. I got as far as the water tunnel under the statue leading to the Mechanist Chapel area + crypt and the lagging was so severe the mission CTD whenever I tried to pick the lockbox in the water tunnel so I decided to drop all excess items in my inventory and hey presto when I dropped my 100 speed potions I discovered I had 40+ swords amongst the speed potions. I even discovered in the crypt (when I did get there) that when I tried to shoot a moss arrow, my game loaded a sword into my bow.

    No wonder there's severe lagging your carrying 1/2 ton of metalwork.

    Replayed the mission and DID NOT pick up the 100 infinity speed potion vial and all lagging and CTD disappeared altogether, mission plays spot on.

    So be advised, don't pick up the speed potion in the corridor leading to the Treebeast garden..and yes you can beat the mission without them.

    I'm hoping we can make a dml to fix this issue, maybe replace the infinite speed potion vial with 5/6 normal speed potions, would any of the authors involved in this
    mission object to that? Randon Taffer? SlyFoxx, Nicked? Anyone?
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    I just looked at the speed potion in dromed and nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. I dropped all 100 speed potions and got no swords. Does this problem occur every time you play the mission?

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    My extensive testing experience has proven many times that what appears to be OK in Dromed does not necessarily equate to what happens in game, to test this lagging issue you need to play the mission and at least get as far as the Beast Garden in The_Dude's area, the lagging starts at d0om's area after you collect the 3 special eggs (can't see how they would affect the speed potion). If you drop the speed potions before that all you see is speed potions, once the lagging starts the further you go the more swords you get. The screenie above was taken in the statue room just before the crypt + Hammerite Chapel.

    The lagging issue is well reported in this thread as well as in Ricebug's walkthrough.

    Of course it's possible that for some bizarre reason I'm able to generate swords when I drop speed potions and others do not, but the lagging is a definite problem with this mission and fixing the speed potion seems to be the solution.

    I'm testing a dml atm that fixes a few other issues (missing loot, secret #1 not working, mantling through a couple of windows, misplaced object etc) and Jax has removed the stack property from the speed potion so it still acts as an infinity potion and this appears to have fixed the lagging issue.
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    This doesn't seem to be an anomaly between dromed and thief2.exe but rather its either a resource problem or a buggy object that is causing the lag for some players. It really shouldn't make a difference between dromed and thief2.exe because both are technically the same. Dromed has the editor included in its executable, but the mis file and resources that are loaded are the same. I would agree that what was made to work on an author's pc might not happen as designed on a player's pc.

    I made it all the way to the first lava pit with two metal doors on either side in The_Dude's area and the mission hasn't started to lag on my pc. I can see a mission lagging if too many objects are created in game as it is possible with the special eggs. When I threw the person egg, a guard appeared. The Mechanists killed the single guard which corpsed into another special egg that corpsed into two more guards. This process kept repeating but the guards were able to kill off the mechanists before their number grew too large. Also a large number of blod spots is created. All of this consumes resources so it wouldn't be too hard to believe that the lagging would start to occur at this point in the game.

    I made it to the Mechanist chapel in The_Dude's part 2 area and still no lag.

    I'm not sure how the speed potion is affected because it is simply a single object with a stack count. That stack count doesn't use any resources, but dropping each speed potion creates a new instance of the speed potion and begins to consume game resources.

    It's been more than 12 years since we made this mission, so I'd have to go back and research if I had any lag issues during design and beta testing.

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