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Thread: OLD COMRADES, OLD DEBTS (C3 winner) - comments

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    Location: Tatry Mountains, Poland
    Originally posted by Sneaky1Kenobi:
    Now I know for sure that I will never publish a fan mission at all. I would be just too embarrassed by my pitiful efforts over the last 2-3 weeks of learning DromEd.
    If only you could see what I did while going through Komag's tutorial...
    I wish I had not deleted this "mission". I could have threat my future kids:
    'Come on, Jasiu, if you don't eat this soup, you will have to play my first mission'...

    I gained my (little) DromEd experience in many ways.

    A) I read Komag's tutorial long time ago.
    B) I prepared DromEd CD for Thief Fan Compact Discs compilation.
    (This project caused one of the most blistering discussions at the forum.
    I was almost accused of using somebody's else work to make money. And I almost lost my belief in forum members' friendliness. Hopefully, I didn't go away. See this thread.)
    While preparing TFCDs I read many, many tutorials and forum threads.
    C) I played 99% of all T1, Gold and T2 FMs and demos.
    D) I created technical effects demo for "The Master Guild".
    E) I created few small demos. (Nothing worth mentioning).
    F) I was searching all (also DromEd) forums for any sign of the most mysterious person in Thief World: Lytha. (I tried to play all games her way). And now she's decided to come back!

    Then I decided to make an FM.
    And it's all because of Komag. It's all his fault.

    And one more thing: I would have never (NEVER) started to build my FM, if I had played "Midnight in Murkbell" before. This misssion is SO great ( ) that it discouraged me from opening DromEd. (I will never be able to do something like that!) Fortunately, I got CD with "Calendra's Legacy" after sending my mission to Komag.

    Therefore I understand you, Sneaky. But do not give up!
    You will certainly be able to create great FMs! It just takes time.
    I think we have all started with poor, ugly, buggy DromEd .mis files.
    Perhaps there's one exception: belboz. But this guy is a cyborg!

    Wow! First mission for you Bukary? Gulp...
    As i said, OCOD is my first serious mission. But I did some (poor) demos before.
    Now I'd like to work on full scaled FM "The Cartographer's Note".
    But I probably won't be able to convince my wife that it is worth the effort...

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    Hey bukary, your mission won the contest! How many cons do you think there are?

    No, I never tried getting out of the hatch without stacking. How am I supposed to do that?

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    I just read that post

    What a bunch of nonsense. Did you ever create the discs? Why not just make them for Polish people only? Screw the Americans. We have more than enough ways to acquire downloadable material. Is it still expensive to obtain an online account? I pay about $35 US for broadband. I just got an email from a friend of mine that has a much "hit" site and he forks over $60 US just for his site. That probably doesn't include his regular connection. It's still amazing to me how upset people get over copyrighted materials. I think it would be more important to spread the cheer. I always hold my loyalty to the creator not the profiteer.
    As for your mission, I enjoyed it. It was fun. Thanks for all your hard work to include it. I hope that I never run across the flame war you were subjected to.

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    4 pockets?

    More .... Please .

    Had a fabulous time ... except for getting blown to bits ... can't figure how to turn the switch on without loosing any life shields ... and the speed potion didn't help.

    One problem: the stats indicate that there are 4 pockets to pick, but I only saw 3 live guards (Vilmour was already camotose). Did one of the ghosts have a pocket to pick or was one guard removed from the mission in the testing stage. Or worse still ... there are actually 4 live guards and I need a new pair of glasses.

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    Re: 4 pockets?

    Originally posted by DreamWalker
    One problem: the stats indicate that there are 4 pockets to pick, but I only saw 3 live guards (Vilmour was already camotose). Did one of the ghosts have a pocket to pick or was one guard removed from the mission in the testing stage. Or worse still ... there are actually 4 live guards and I need a new pair of glasses.
    No, there are only 3 pockets.
    That's well known DromEd mistake.
    DromEd "thinks" that Garrett also has a pocket to pick...

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    Greatest. Contest FM. Ever.

    MyOpinion of OCOD was "A smaller contest version of T7C"

    I'm not a bad guy, I just play one in real life.

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    Good job!

    I was very impressed with the quality of your mission, especially since it is your first. Congratulations on winning and a job well done. I guess compiling all those tutorials and dromed tools for your CD paid off even though it was never released.

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    Can someone please tell me where to find the key to the Explosives room? I have been searching (and dying sometimes) for about two days. It is a great atmospheric mission, and even though it's tough without the blackjack, it is alot of fun... but I need helllllllppppppppp!!!

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    You need to go up to the attic and read what you find, then go back down to the main floor. Go into the room with the overturned holy water fountain and look on the floor.

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    (slaps self in forehead)

    as always, thanks Nightwalker... you rock!

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    Dóttirin klęšist oft móšur möttli
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    Here's a dml to survive the explosion (fortuni an I couldn't)
    Save this as miss20.mis.dml
    //Fix final explosion in Old Comrades Old Debts//miss20.mis.dml
    +ObjProp 185 "CfgTweqJoints"      
        "Halt" stop tweq    
        "AnimC" sim
        "MiscC" scripts
        "CurveC" none
        "Primary Joint" 1
        "Joint1AnimC" sim
        "Joint1CurveC" none
        "    rate-low-high" 2,0,90

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    Registered: Jan 2014
    Hey, I've tried the game and kept dying on the explosive part.
    Then I installed Unna's DML, tried it, still die.
    So I restarted the whole mission (Yes, I was hoping the DML didn't need a full mission restart even though I know it doesn't work like that) AND I STILL DIE.

    Weirdly enough, I survived the explosion like two times without the DML before, probably a big stroke of luck.

    What am I supposed to do? Or what is the DML supposed to do?

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    The dml makes the explosion less explosive, with ND it was too violent and almost every time killed you on the first explosion. I’ve never survived without it.

    Even with the dml you still need to work out a system to survive, what I have done is flip the switch, run and crouch behind the steps, get a health potion ready, use the health potion the moment the explosion occurs then run to the far side of the room before the second explosion happens., slowing down the explosion gives players a decent chance to do the above, but without it you really have no chance whatsoever.
    Last edited by fortuni; 8th Jan 2020 at 22:24.

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    At first, your idea worked, but then when I realized I didn't complete one objective, I had to load an older (Keep in mind I removed all my non-DML ones) save and I did the objective and all, but when I returned back to do this "puzzle", it doesn't work anymore.

    I teleport to my death, just like before.

    This is ridiculous, although I guess after the explosion there's nothing but the exit. I'll just consider this mission completed.

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    Just played this great little FM through again straight from the download - no dml applied - and found if I had near max health before you flip the switch in the explosive room I survived the event OK. There are a couple of health potions in the mission to help.

    Also there are 4 flares in the upstairs chest that you can use to detonate the powder kegs without taking any or minimal damage - throwing from a distance. You only really need to detonate the ones at the end near the big crate. You may need to try a few times but if you aim at the base of the top of the three powder kegs on the big crate it should work.

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