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Thread: Spider Caves T1 (February 26, 2001) - KoMaG? about the spiders cave FM...

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    Spider Caves T1 (February 26, 2001) - KoMaG? about the spiders cave FM...

    Alright due to some error doing with that FM is stoping me from playing thief gold AT ALL. Heres what I tryed (thinking that I didn't need the dark loader after seeing the requirements to play FMS at your site) first I tryed adding "start_mission 20" in my Dark.cfg file. Then I opened up Thief Gold and tryed to play the level then BAM the program crashed. Then I tryed opening the mis20.mis with DromEd I tryed playing and it crashed (again) then I deleted the line "start_mission 20" from my cfg but it still crashs. I unzipped the scave file yes. AND my windows became an evil shade of blue after this happened. Can this problem be solved without restoreing?

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    I really don't know how to help you there. I suggest you backup your save files and then delete everything and reinstall and USE DARKLOADER. However, unzipping the whole file into your main Thief directory should've worked for you. Anyway, good luck

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    Spamlet, you finished Spider Caves...

    What gives? At the beginning when you fall into the intial cave, there is a small hole that you can see is a beginning of a tunnel. But the hole is too small to climb through, and I have nothing to make the hole larger(trust me, I have tried everything I can think of. Thanks

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    There's a hole in the floor that you should have no trouble dropping down through. That's where you need to go.

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    This mission is fairly simple to complete but you will struggle unless you turn the contrast up high (well I did anyway). It is a very dark mission.

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    Yeah, that too small hole you may eventually find yourself on the other side of if you go that way later on, but at this point you just need to go down through the hole in the floor
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    I loved the journal of the lost caver Bartholemew. That was one of the best journals in a Thief mission I ever read. It was the definite highlight of this short and enjoyable mission for me. Normally I want ambient music everywhere, but in The Spider Caves, total silence was perfect - just the sound of your knees shuffling on the soft ground and spiders hissing somewhere in the dark tunnels was atmospheric.

    Finished on Normal in 10 minutes. I might replay this mission someday because I did not explore it fully.

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    Merged two threads at the request of Username, and added the actual FM name and release date to the title.

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