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Thread: FMs - Ghost/Perfect Thief Results [SPOILERS]

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    Zombies in the mansion, barely any shadow and very tight loot objective. Also 5 keys and 5 switches. Luckily there is hint book in Library. First go upstairs. 2nd floor is easy to ghost. Here you can find 2 keys: to Dia's Room and to Master's Room. In both of these rooms are located switches. Then go downstairs at the east end of mansion.


    Here is Ash to kill. He's a haunt and he's tough. It's impossible to kill him in one hit. So that's a ghost bust. But wait. Do you remember what we learned in previous mission? All haunts can be KO-ed and this one is no exception. Finally this info will come in handy. Ash is almost invisible, but it's possible to KO him, go into far corner and kill him with a sword.


    Above Ash is hidden the Eye of Innos. It's behind banner, but you can't get it through banner, because Eye is a bit too far. But on the other side of terrace is a switch that opens banner, so it's possible to lean forward without slashing banner. Then use switch again to close a banner.


    Beginning is easy until you get to first zombie. He's facing door you need to use. You can very slowly get inside and while in doorway quickly run behind corner and close door. In corridor you can't grab 3 coins on table, but you can visit Casino and Bar for another key. Return to zombie and go into door behind him.

    We are near a start. Grab all loot except urns from last table. Loot Storage and Kitchen. While hiding in Kitchen doorway wait for zombie to go left. You must grab at least 1 urn on last table, but you must be careful of lady zombie nearby. For some reason it's possible to grab golden urn at the middle of table and impossible to grab 2 small urns on the side.

    Visit Dining Room and grab another key and a lot of loot. Then go left to the Library where is located final key.Vase in NW part of mansion is impossible to grab, because it's protected by a zombie. Return upstairs.


    After passing zombie guard go right. In Baby Room there is no loot, only switch. Next is Jeremiah Room. Then you must go back and this time go to only locked room in SW part of Mansion. That's Alice Room. This is final room and I barely managed to complete loot objective. Switches will open next room with Navigation Globe. Time to leave. Go downstairs and through door back to starting point.


    Time: 30 min 14 s; Loot: 4807/5142
    Pockets Picked: 0/0; Locks Picked: 0
    Back Stabs: 2; Knock Outs: 1
    Damage Dealt: 61; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 1
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 0/0

    PERFECT GHOST: IMPOSSIBLE. I skipped vase in NW part of 1st floor, 2 smaller urns on table observed by zombie lady at the starting point and 3 coins in corridor near Casino on 2nd floor.
    SUPREME GHOST: I don't think it's POSSIBLE, but who knows. Maybe if I would try, it could be possible.


    I'm really surprised that both missions can be ghosted. Especially second one. Mission 1 has a lot of nudging involved, so there is a lot of waiting. Mission 2 has only annoying zombie placement. Still I'm very surprised.

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    Thief 1 mission from 1999. Hammerite plus undeads together at last. Slashed by sword zombies can randomly stand up and go after you. It's weird. Mission can't be ghosted. In shop I'm buying 4 water arrows and 2 flash bombs. First zombie has random path, so you need to be careful. He may turn around out of the blue. Then you go to basement, which require you steal orange key and nudge Hammerite as close as possible to door. So you can enter 1st floor.


    Douse 2 fires and go right. There is patroller we will need to pass when we will go to Dining Room with zombie patrolling around table. Around Church (room at center) is going 2 patrollers. Douse another 2 torches, so you will be safe under door. Open door and enter. Go to last pillar on the left, crouch and lean forward to priest for his key.

    Don't enter zombie arena. You can enter there quietly and even steal tiara without zombie noticing us. But when we are inside outside patrollers will hear the sound of fighting zombies and will second alert to it. And it doesn't matter that door are closed or you will leave immediately. Zombies fights will be heard from now on. So tiara on the floor there must be skipped.

    In one of the stairs going up there is hole. Inside you can nudge green spider into corner to get goblet with just first alert. Then enter 2nd floor.


    In one room there is haunt with 2 golden bottles and trash vase that is a loot too. We need to go on the other side of this part for white key in Library. For that we will need to go all around and enter second door on this side. Mystic Hear is possible to grab. Just go between haunt and priest and quickly lean towards Heart. I was propelled backward.

    Then rope up above blood basin. Here is safe key near crazy priest. Unfortunately there is no way to ghost it and there is no way to grab First Hammer through safe door. So getting this key is a ghost bust.


    White key opens door in basement, so go there. There is a lot of loot and First Hammer and Mystic Soul. Time to leave. Front door is too well protected. I have no idea how to open alternate exit. Plus I don't think I can ghost spiders room. This means I can only exit via route I used to enter. For that I need 2 crates. Afterwards I need to go to exit in front of spider room nearby.


    Time: 44 min 5 s; Loot: 1398/1673
    Pockets Picked: 2/3; Locks Picked: 1
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0


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    This mission is based on Thief 3 city. And is full of undead. There is optional killing objective you may trigger. If you kill all enemies (excused by objective), then this mission will be super easy. I also decided to do supreme ghost of this mission and I decided to trigger killing objective and kill everybody. But it's not that simple. There is a chance that overtime zombies will stick to each other and patrol in pairs. This makes killing impossible. It's possible to crouch in full shadow, block them and change their timing. Then very slowly backtrack to release them. But this is interaction with AI, so I call it supreme bust.

    The areas it may happen are 2: near North Gate in 2nd area and 4 patrollers at the very beginning. This means you will be forced to do fast killing. And still you need to have a lot of luck. But that's not all. You also need to get to 3rd area. For this you need Hatch key from Port Inn, then use it to get Screwdriver from Workshop and use it to open grate near North Gate, so you will get switch handle.

    I'm not gonna kill zombies until I get objective. Killing objective is triggered by book in shop near Workshop. Also until I will not kill everyone, I will ignore loot. Port Inn is in Docks, so you will need to ghost it.


    Mantle on higher ledge and wait for stationary zombie to turn away. Then jump into water and swim to ladder on the other side. Run into passage to Port Inn. There is 1 zombie and you need to rope up to box and via pipes get to window. You are gonna return here later, so you don't need to close window.

    Wait for zombie. When he pass you run down to wine cellar. Inside purple box is Hatch key. All keys in this mission can't be dropped. Go to front entrance and wait for zombie to enter wine cellar. Run upstairs and drop into water. Swim all the way to your boat. Hide in shadow near starting point and wait for stationary zombie to turn away. You need to go all the way to Workshop. But getting out of Docks is annoying. So many zombies are going in and out.


    Trigger killing objective and kill zombie patrolling street. Open hatch and disable gas. Grab screwdriver and go to stall. There is a lot of shadow, so you can kill safely a lot of zombies. Remember, you need to be fast too. Go to North Gate Area and open grate. Grab switch handle and use it to open North Gate. I hope you killed most zombies from this area.


    Go through alley on the right and kill stationary zombie. Hide his body and go left. Here is a good shadow. You need to kill 4 zombies that will go through here. Problem is they can't be in pairs. Otherwise you failed and you need to restart this mission. And I needed to restart it 10 times. If you succeed go west and kill 2 patrollers. Then go to east side and kill 4 patrollers. Then return to Docks and kill everyone. There also will be a surprise. Port Inn is patrolled by one more zombie. You need to kill her without alerting other zombie.


    Kill zombie from Port Inn, then go to Pagan Area. Read book and backtrack into shadow. Kill spawned zombie. Go to Hotel and kill sitting zombie before he will turn head around. Then go to tavern in 3rd area of city. After scene backtrack into shadow and lean forward to kill spawned zombie. Go to pipe passage behind big Chamber gate. You need very slowly go behind zombie and kill him. Go to Mayor. After scene run forward to the bottom of stairs and lean forward to kill zombie. This should be all. Now mission will be super easy.


    While in Mayor ignore letter. It gives you new objective, but in order to complete it you need to damage pipe. That's a damage property. That also means you don't need empty bucket and wax. From Pharmacy you need to take Safe Combination book. Only with it code will work on safe. For objective you need to leave Chamber gate open. Also use torch on torches to lit it. It will be needed in Chamber. After completing all objectives return torch to chest in Pagan Area. But first you need to douse it in water. Then go to your boat.

    Of course this mission would be completely different if I would ignore killing objective. It would be annoying to get everything, but at least it wouldn't be so random. Killing everyone was very challenging. Many times I got screwed up and needed to restart the whole mission.


    Time: 1 hour 2 min 52 s; Loot: 6160/6710
    Pockets Picked: 0/0; Locks Picked: 5
    Back Stabs: 28; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 840; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 28
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 7/8. I have no idea where is last secret.


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    Tiny mission in which you need to break into nearby house and steal all loot. Impossible to supreme, because there is one woman that must be nudged in order to grab a candlestick. But besides that enemies can see very far, so moving out of the starting point is very challenging. That's why I did regular ghost run.


    Time: 6 min 58 s; Loot: 850/850
    Pockets Picked: 1/1; Locks Picked: 0
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0

    SUPREME GHOST: IMPOSSIBLE. One nudge is necessary in order to get a candlestick.

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    Another small mission. Through the whole mission we will hear storm. Not just outside, but inside house and church too. Supreme ghost is impossible, guards alert to sound of picklocking door. To complete loot objective you need to grab almost all loot. The hardest loot I found were in bedroom near starting point: goblet under table and purse on beam.

    The hardest loot to grab is urn on window in Dining Room. You need to time both patroller and servant, jump over table, grab urn, jump over table again and hide in bathroom. Or you can wait until Hammerites invasion.

    Church is also tricky. Wait for Hammerite and hide in one of the rooms in corridor. Wait for Hammerite to leave this corridor. You can use this time to loot corridor rooms or loot room on opposite side, which has exit too. To leave wait in corridor for Hammerite to enter room on opposite side and run back to entrance.

    After getting second key go to house. New guards and Hammerites has spawn and there is a lot of bodies. In my run only first floor patroller survived. Wait for him to calm down and run to 2nd floor. Grab Hand of Glory and all loot. Guard on first floor can randomly alert to bodies lying on ground, so wait a bit if that happen. Now you need to go back to Church window to finish this mission.


    Time: 14 min 49 s; Loot: 1873/1873
    Pockets Picked: 2/3; Locks Picked: 2
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Bodies Discovered by Enemies: 1


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    Impossible to ghost mission. It has optional kill objective. I need to kill 20 enemies on Ground Floor. It means enemies at starting Level 1 and 3 enemies at the beginning of Level 2. Because few enemies are tougher to kill I'm gonna wait with killing them until I get BanHammer from Level 4. Also there is 1 enemy at exit point. That's why I'm gonna skip rings (loot) from Level 1 and collect them later. I also gonna grab all items that are going to my inventory, I can use to throw them into servers and destroy them.

    LEVEL 1

    Go right to the end of keeper's patrol route. From shadow lean forward and kill him. Check if anybody alerted (guard from left corridor can alert). Then go left. On corridor is a guard. Go behind him close to the end of corridor and kill him. Then kill guard from generator room. Go through white door, wait for purple keeper in front of passageway, go behind him and kill him. From next door grab HQ Keeper's keys and read info near body. Go to next room and kill another keeper. Then go to locked door near starting point at the beginning of corridor. Open it and hide in shadow. Save and load, guard will leave his room, so kill him.

    Continue walking this corridor. Ignore fast blue guy for now. Ignore purple keeper on stairs as well. Go left to guard post. Run into it behind green archer and kill him. Then go on balcony and kill another green archer. Then kill guard walking on nearby corridor when he's near door. Go to green servant corridor. Ignore him. In one of dark rooms is guard to kill.

    Then go to part patrolled by black keeper. Ignore him for now and kill guard from kitchen and green archer from theater first. Then hide in shadow on balcony and kill black keeper. That's all from this floor for now. Drop to ring below.

    LEVEL 2

    You can grab rings from here. First kill keeper from library when purple keeper is going upstairs. Use secret switch on side of bookcase. Then go to shadow at the bottom of the stairs and kill purple keeper. Casino room didn't spawn me crazy apple this time, so I can't add it to my counts. Go to secret passage of library.

    From now on until my return to Level 1 I can't kill anyone (except Bane of course). So that's where real ghosting starts. Another surprise. Corridors here are patrolled by boxes. In my test run first corridor was empty and second corridor was patrolled by guard with wrong texture. Enter dark room patrolled by computer. When he will go right go to body, grab bag of flashdiscs. Hide under wall, you must avoid light bags as well. Go downstairs, use lever in first room and grab silver gear from second room. Leave. Gear will give you access to Laboratories.


    It's patrolled by guards with guns and indestructible (until BanHammer) cyborgs. There are 2 patrollers, first turns into directions of stairs to next level and goes together with second guard. You need to go left first to kitchen. Turn off lights. Corridor is patrolled by cyborg, next corridor too, so you need to time second blindly. After timing second cyborg you need to go right for keycard. Then backtrack to beginning and go behind guards to keycard door. You can hide in bathrooms. This will lead you to Level 3.

    LEVEL 3

    Pretty easy to ghost main area. There are 3 servers to destroy. You can throw items like ceramic pots, rusty candlesticks, explosive liquors into them. But most likely it will second alert everybody. Let's start from Server A. The hardest server to ghost, but it's possible. Close door in server room and when patroller is away throw some junk into server.

    Server B is easier to ghost, but you need to be careful of stationary keeper near server room. If you are going behind fast keeper, then you will be forced to quickly run near stationary keeper. In order to destroy server you must nudge stationary keeper (during his turning animation) into dark corner. Then close inside server room and throw junk into server. Server C is the easiest. It has only 1 fast patroller and nobody else. Destroy server and go downstairs.

    LEVEL 4

    This is the final level. You will complete most of the objectives here and also fail ghosting. Go left. In first room use left machine to get BanHammer objective. For now let's leave this room. I will return here later to destroy Void Materializer. Go to Server D Offices. There is secret switch behind one of binders. This will let you to last server. And also to Server C on Level 3. I will use it later.

    Backtrack and enter maze. Go along right side to ladder. Upstairs go left and grab BanHammer. Now you just need to return to start of this level and choose opposite corridor. Enter Bane's Appartment. Just before conversation mantle right. This will give you leeway. Bane is very tough opponent. And by the way, this is ghost bust #1. Weaken him with fire arrows and finish him with BanHammer.

    Then return to room where you got BanHammer objective. Crouch and enter Holding Cells. Use ladder to go down and destroy Void Materializer bu throwing into it a junk. This will launch the alarm on this level (ghost bust #2). Return to room where you got BanHammer objective. There are new enemies here and they are fighting entities. They can attack you too, so be careful and sneak out of this room. Return to Server D Offices and use secret passage to return to Level 3. Then return to Level 1.


    Don't collect rings just yet. Go to fast blue guy and kill him with BanHammer. He's really dangerous and unghostable (ghost bust #3). I noticed that doing power slash and then backtracking while attacking will kill him without getting hurt. Grab his Front Door key use it on door near stairs. Look out for mines. Get to 3 rings and mantle on top of garage. Go above guy with rocket launcher. Drop on him, so you will stay behind him. Kill him.

    Go to garage. There is mine in front of it. You must open door while keeper inside is going left and jump over mine. Kill him and now you can grab all rings from this level. I need 2 more kills on this floor, so go to garden at the end of green servant path. Go along left wall on top of ventilator. Wait for guard to go towards archer. When he will appear close to him, kill him and then kill alerted archer (ghost bust #4). This completes killing objective. Now just grab rings and go back to garage.


    Time: 1 hour 33 min 54 s; Loot: 37/40
    Pockets Picked: 0/1; Locks Picked: 0
    Back Stabs: 21; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 761; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 21
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Bodies Discovered by Enemies: 5. Probably face enemies spawn after destruction of Void Materializer and killing entities.
    Secrets: 4/7


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    Very weird mission made by Zontik. You are a guard who must deal with invasion of thieves guild. You only have sword, thieves have blackjack, but you can't steal it. You must kill thief with blackjack. Excusable by objective. But not every thief with blackjack leaves blackjack. Also in order to kill them in one hit you can't let them first alert. This doesn't apply to blackjack. Also you need to be careful to not alert anyone. If you hear rope sound, then that means one of thieves heard you and escaped from mansion. This makes loot objective harder to complete.

    But that's not the only catch. Thieves steal. This means that loot in mansion will vanish, so it will be impossible to recover it. I suspect that there is more loot than presented in the stats max 4000, but overtime this drop. You have very little time. Catch is that even if you are fast, thieves have random routes, so some loot that showed in previous run, may not appear in the current.

    So after getting new objectives, stay on 2nd floor and explore rooms to get as much loot as possible. I got 280 loot just from this. Then locate thief with blackjack and kill him without any alert from him and nobody else. Hide his body and start KO-ing other thieves. Last thieves are the hardest to find. After completing objectives return to front door and open it.


    Time: 21 min 40 s; Loot: 3935/4000
    Knock Outs: 9
    Thieves Killed: 1
    Thieves' Bags Confiscated: 10
    Damage Dealt: 39; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0

    PERFECT GHOST: Not sure if it's possible
    PERFECT SUPREME: Not sure if it's possible

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