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Thread: T2 Fan Mission Lootlists

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    T2 Fan Mission Lootlists

    Fixed missions + upgraded Newdark Lootlists for all the T2 missions 2000-2006 WIP

    FMdml package
    T2Fix is now available with FMdml package installed as an optional component. FMdml once installed automatically fixes 187+ missions up to and including all missions from 2000-2006. Just check the Thief 2 FM Fixes box when installing T2Fix and your good to go.

    FMdml package fixes many broken objectives, secrets that do not work, missing loot, misplaced objects, AI placements and other Newdark bugs. Approx 30% of missions needed fixing, but it is more than possible that players will still find other bugs, if you do please report them as it is likely than we can include further bug fixes in future updates.

    However there are a small number of missions that could not be 100% fixed via FMdml and thus require player to also manually fix one of their folders (Saints and Thieves, Ruined) and there a few missions that could not be fixed in any way and so require a complete new download (Father Hirvakia's Portal, Curiosity Shop) so please check the notes at the top of each respective lootlist for both what FMdml fixes and/or the alternative fixed solution.

    Since the advent of Newdark many of the older missions have missing loot, broken objectives and secrets that do not trigger. As well as that the colour of many keys are different with Newdark than they were with Olddark (ie. olddark blue keys are now metal grey). Thus the prime intention of these lootlists are to bring complete and updated information to the community, whilst at the same time fixing as many possible issues with dml's.

    These lootlists are intended to be used in conjunction with Ricebug's walks as these lootlists do not include solutions to puzzles, however they sometimes give conflicting information to Ricebug's walks where I discovered errors in his walks, in addition a number of the lootlists in Ricebug’s walks do not list all the loot available.

    Lists include loot & keys for all difficulties, as well as objective solutions and secrets, but Easter Eggs are not revealed. They also include 100’s of maps drawn by Athalle, as well as a few in-game amended maps.

    2000 Missions
    2001 Missions
    2002 Missions
    2003 Missions
    2004 Missions
    2005 Missions
    2006 Missions

    With 850+ missions it will take 3-4 years to complete this project, but I may as well post each years lootlists as I complete them. Hopefully 2007 missions will be available spring 2020.

    T2 Fix + FMSel
    Do not use Tafferpatch any more, it has not been maintained for a while and T2FMdml is not included in Tafferpatch and does not work with it. Players should only patch their Thief 2 install with T2Fix

    You are also strongly advised to either use FMSel or NewDarkLoader as DarkLoader is out of date and a number of issues can arise when using this Fan Mission Loader.

    T2 Scripts bundle
    Some T2 missions do not work correctly if you do not have the latest scripts installed, thus players who have installed Tafferpatch are strongly advised to patch their T2 game with T2 Scripts bundle in order to ensure smooth running of all T2 games.

    Note: This Scripts bundle is not necessary for those players who have patched with T2Fix, as that patch contains all the latest scripts.

    1. Although I made every effort to be as accurate as possible, it is all too easy to make small errors, ie. stating NE instead of NW, so please report any such errors and I'll get them amended.

    2. I have classified the missions in the year that they were first released, even if there was a significant re-release in a later year.

    3. I usually only played each mission just once, so there may be some missing loot on those difficulties I did not play on. More often or not if there is missing loot in a mission, it is missing on all 3 difficulties, but on occasions loot does go missing when playing via Newdark on one difficulty, but be present on other difficulties.

    4. Most of these lootlists were compiled when playing via NewDark 1.26 but players should be aware that loot can go missing and bugs can show in game when playing via other NewDark versions, this is also the case with dml's where occasionally they work with one version of NewDark but not others.

    • Missions 473

    • Lootlists Compiled 549

    • Missions with Maps 323

    • Number of maps 865

    • Missions fixed 187

    • Objectives Completed 2118

    • Secrets Found 908

    • Total Loot found so far 3070725

    • FM with the most objectives
      T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age 51

    • FM's with largest amount of loot by total
      The Saint 1,003,655
      Lord Ashton Series 64,676
      Night Falcon 50,212
      Ruins of Originia 28,363

    Thanks to Athalle for granting me permission to use her maps.

    Thanks to Voodoo for putting together the original FMdml package

    Thanks to Unna Oertdottir and Jax64 for all the dml's they have supplied and answering all my Dromed questions.
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    Dóttirin klęšist oft móšur möttli
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    Quote Originally Posted by fortuni View Post
    PS. Unna you PM box is full and I have another couple of dml request for you.
    Sorry. It's always full. Deleted many PMs.

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    Thank you! The tireless fortuni, always working on something for Thief's world.
    Thanks also to Unna

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    Fortuni, thank you so much for this! Your work ethic is boundless and your contributions to the community are beyond measure!

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    Is there a reason you are starting from scratch?

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    Because you need to start somewhere and the early ones tend to be nice and easy to do, I can do 5-6 a day of the smaller ones, but the larger more complex missions take 2-3 days to do each.

    I'm also reporting all playing issues and missing loot to Unna, so where possible a dml can be produced and it's predominately the older missions that need fixing.
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    I think he means that there's loads of existing lootlists for a lot of missions already which you wouldn't need to create, just copy.

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    Are you unemployed again or something?

    Yeah, I know you're working your socks off and doing this in your spare time so my very grateful thanks for these. I'll add this to the Links thread.

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    Ah I gotcha. I thought Ricebug had some pretty solid guides though for these earlier years already.

    Speaking of fixing, was a DML done for Shadow Business to add ambient light? It really improves that mission considerably - tough and fun for the right reasons.

    Oh and are you only focusing on Thief 2 missions?

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    Can't change ambient light with dml. This requires optimization. I wouldn't do it anyway. It's a design decision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceblade View Post
    Ah I gotcha. I thought Ricebug had some pretty solid guides though for these earlier years already.

    Oh and are you only focusing on Thief 2 missions?

    Yes these are T2 lootlists, I have already done lootlists for every T1/TG/T3 mission, you'll find them in their respective walkthroughs.
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    I do not envy the task you've just created for yourself. I'm only now seeing this thread, so I thought I would share my loot lists as I don't think they are widely known about or hosted anywhere. Hopefully it can save you some work. (some of my youtube videos have loot lists in the video description)

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    Thanks for those, and yes I do refer to videos when compiling my lootlists, but I'll still be playing every mission to check whether any loot, keys or objectives have been affected by newdark.

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    This is an awesome work in progress. Keep it up!

    "Yes, I have plenty of spare change you homeless piece of shit... Thanks for asking"

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    Quote Originally Posted by fortuni View Post
    Thanks for those, and yes I do refer to videos when compiling my lootlists, but I'll still be playing every mission to check whether any loot, keys or objectives have been affected by newdark.
    Holy Cow,dude you really are the MVP.

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    2004 Newdark lootlists now available, see OP.

    There have also been a small number of additions and amendments to a couple of previous years lootlists in the last few weeks so you are are advised to redownload those as well.

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    Amazing work! I noticed fan missions from 1999 are not in the list. Will you do these as well?

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    There are no T2 FM's from 1999, the first T2 FM was The Bath House released in May 2000.

    I've done all the lootlists for the T1/TG missions, you'll find them in their respective walkthroughs.

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    That is perfect, fortuni. I subscribed to both walkthrough threads.

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    Updated 2006 lootlists are now available, see OP.

    Jax has released a new T2Fix includes an updated FMdml package which automatically fixes 99% of all missions up to and including all 2006 missions.

    However there is a lot more in the latest T2Fix including essential updated scripts, most importantly a fix for the potential game breaking ND1.27 bug that effected a number of AIPatrolControl links, it is thus essentail for all players to repatch their T2 install with this latest T2Fix to ensure the smooth running of a number of FM's

    For details of individual fixes please continue to refer to the note posted at the top of the individual updated lootlist.

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